2019 Hunting Bows

With hunting season just around the corner, you may be looking to revamp your set-up. There are copious numbers of hunting bows to choose from. Take a look at this comprehensive guide to the latest and most technologically-advanced bows on the market.

Mathews – Vertix

Just when you think Mathews has produced the ultimate compound bow, they push the envelope even further. For 2019, the company brings us the Vertix, which has 30-inch axle-to-axle specs, a 6-inch brace and 4.67-pound mass. A newly refined grip interface provides a repeatable and shock-free shooting experience. Its newly refined 3D Dampening, with Enhanced Harmonic Stabilizer (EHS), produces perceivably less noise and 20 percent less vibration than the award-winning 2018 Triax. Most notable, all-new, patent-pending SwitchWeight Technology allows users to change draw length and draw weight in 5-pound increments without swapping limbs. SwitchWeight technology works in harmony with the breakthrough 80- to 85-percent let-off Crosscentric Cam system to provide a silky-smooth draw cycle and top performance at any setting. The Vertix’s widely spaced limbs help eliminate torque for steadier shooting, and the Reverse Roller Guard removes lateral torque at full draw. Factory-installed Monkey-Tail string silencers and a Dead Stop string stop add to its hunting silence, while the “dual-cage” riser and forward-situated EHS system makes this the most well balanced Mathews in many years. The Vertix is offered in draw lengths from 26 to 30.5 inches and peak draw weights of 60, 65, 70 and 75 pounds. Learn more at Mathews’ website.

Bear Archery – Divergent

Designed with the whitetail bowhunter in mind, the Divergent offers amazing performance in a short 28-inch axle-to-axle bow with 338 fps speed without breaking your wallet. The Divergent’s compact platform and hybrid cams give shootability a new meaning. It weighs a mere 3.9 pounds and has a 75 percent let off. Draw weight options range from 45-60 pounds or 55-70 pounds, and it has a draw length range of 25.5-30 inches. Other impressive features include the Bear Cage Riser, which eliminates riser flex; and the HingeGuard, which reduces lateral torque. It’s also equipped with Max Preload Quad Limbs for even load distribution and the NaroGrip for precise hand fitting. Learn more at Bear Archery’s website.

Martin Archery – Axxon 39

Firebrand Martin Archery introduced the Axxon 39 for 2019. One of its most exciting features is the company’s new Tri Loc System. The system includes the Tri Loc Axle Cap, which calibrates cam-system clearance and minimal friction for maximum performance; the Tri Loc Roto Cup, which allows a set screw to lock into the riser; and the Tri Loc Limb Pocket, which bolts the limbs for perfect anchoring and alignment. Meanwhile, Balanced Bow Technology creates an exceptionally stable shooting platform. Dual Sync Technology combines a smooth draw cycle and easy tuning with impressive arrow speeds. The Helix Cam, with a Helix Groove, eliminates cam lean and serving wear. The RRAD Weight Distribution System allows shooters to distribute weight around the riser for that just-right feel, and a Helix Short Draw option allows for 35- to 50-pound draw weights in 5-pound increments. Learn more at Martin Archery’s website.

Elite Archery – VALOR Series

The VALOR series is built for the bowhunter who is looking for a high quality, affordable bow, recognizes the value in high-end machined components and appreciates that we don’t cut corners. Elite Archery bows deliver the silky smooth draw, deep valley, and fantastic dwell zone. The Valor’s machined pockets, grip, fit and finish helps you come out on top every time. It features a 28 ¾” axle-to-axle and a 25”-29 ½” draw length. It starts at a 50-pound draw weight and weighs only 4.1 pounds. This bow hits quick speeds at 329 fps. The Elite Valor is an excellent option for bowhunters looking to step into a high quality, great drawing, smooth shooting machine. Elite’s original shootability makes the Valor a strong contender among all bows. Conquer adversity with courage using the new Elite VALOR. Learn more at Elite Archery’s website.

Oneida – Phoenix

Oneida’s Phoenix includes new technologies that make it quieter and better performing. The Phoenix includes high-performance outboard limbs, a precision cam and level system, and a new machined-aluminum riser. It has a super-smooth draw with the feel of a recurve but with the let-off, power and energy of a compound. The new riser sports a longer sight window for faster target acquisition and an ergonomic grip that accentuates the bow’s point of aim. The easy-to-maintain design offers a wide range of let-off adjustment via its interchangeable module system—from 65 to 80 percent. The new vibration-suppression system and user-friendly draw stops are notable improvements for quieter, harder-hitting shots at game. The Phoenix weighs 4.4 pounds out of the box, produces IBO/ATA arrow speeds of up to 305 fps and accommodates draw lengths from 24.5 to 31 inches. Learn more at Oneida’s website.   

APA Innovations – Mamba 28 XR

For 2019, APA Innovations improved their short game with the new and ultra-compact Mamba 28 XR. This super-slim, super-lightweight bow weighs only 3.6 pounds out of the box. It measures 28 inches between the axles, making it highly maneuverable, and it unleashes impressive arrow speeds that reach up to 350 fps. The Mamba 28 XR also provides these impressive speeds with a forgiving 7 1/8-inch brace height. Like other APA speed-demon bow models, at its heart is a true dual-cam system with 80 percent let-off and Rotating Draw Stop (RDS). This balanced system also gives this Mamba a pleasant draw cycle and shock-free shooting experience. APA’s most iconic features also remain, including the Riser Fang (an integrated bow hook), efficient Twin Flex limbs, reverse/bridged Carrying Handle and Tool Centre. The Tool Centre includes nock and broadhead wrenches, carbide sharpener and cam lock pin, which allows hunters to change strings and cables in the field. The Mamba 28 XR is offered in draw lengths from 40 to 70 pounds and draw lengths from 25 to 30 inches. Learn more at APA Archery’s website

Obsession Bows – FX30

The all-new Obsession FX30 offers a compact, lightweight and fast model that’s perfect for ambush bowhunting. The FX30 measures 30 inches between the axles and weighs 4 pounds bare. The OB TRAX Cam provides a comfortable 85 percent let-off, and the bow generates arrow speeds of up to 360 fps with help from its 6-inch brace height. The FX30 includes a racy riser profile with a high degree of eye appeal. It’s also structurally rigid for improved accuracy and excellent balance, and it’s equipped with a comfortable, integrated grip with side panels. Silencing features include split-limb dampeners, adjustable string stop held on a skeletonized machined-aluminum bracket and Teflon-sleeved cable slide. The FX30 is offered in draw weights from 40 through 80 pounds and draw lengths from 24.5 to 30 inches. Learn more at Obsession Bows’ website.

Gearhead Archery – B30

The B30 is a perfect mid-sized bow for hunting or target. The 1911 Slider grip comes standard on the B30 along with a black hard coat anodizing, ST-2 stabilizer mount and sound dampening. This bow hits speeds of 350 fps and measure 30.5 inches axle-to-axle. It weighs only 4.5 pounds and punches 95 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. The B30 comes in 50-, 60- and 70-pound draw weights and 25.5- to 31.5-inch draw ranges. It is available in  Custom Dipping and Gearhead Packs come at an additional cost. Learn more at Gearhead Archery’s website.

Bowtech – Reckoning

The Reckoning was engineered as the first bow to feature DeadLock technology, providing reliable accuracy. This premier bow focuses on a “crossover” product role, and is at home equally as a Target/3D bow in addition to a longer length axle-to-axle hunting bow option. The Bowtech Reckoning features DeadLock Cams offering the ability to quickly and easily adjust the string path and put the energy directly behind the arrow without a bow press. DeadLock features a patented adjustment system that adjusts the cams left or right to perfect the string path and locks down for accuracy that is precise for life with the simple turn of a screw. Deadlock Pocket Locks the entire bow structure as one and eliminates unwanted, accuracy-robbing component movement shot-to-shot. Deadlock Cable Containment reduces torque and increases forgiveness on every shot, translating into consistent accuracy. Learn more at Bowtech’s website.

Hoyt – RX-3 Series

According to Hoyt, the 2019 Carbon RX-3 is “engineered for archers who demand everything.” The 30.5-inch, 3.9-pound RX-3 holds 50 individual hand-laid components that were selected for specific properties. They were engineered for optimal stiffness and vibration control. The bow is powered by the ZT (Zero Torque) Pro Cam, which balances side-to-side load through a split cable system to reduce cable-guard torque and lateral nock travel for dead-center accuracy. This, combined with Offset Stabilizer Technology, produces exceptional in-the-hand balance and aiming stability. The 2019 version is faster, smoother and includes a higher let-off than past models. The Adjustable Grip System moves left and right for a custom feel. Shock Pods Vibration Damping System and StealthShot Technology (string suppression with proprietary bumper material) create dead-quiet shots. The RX-3 produces ATA speeds of 342 fps with a 6-inch brace height. It comes in 25-28- and 27-30-inch draw lengths and draw weights from 30-40 to 70-80 pounds. Learn more at Hoyt’s website.

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