Ramcat Broadheads VS the Produce Aisle

How’d Ramcat Diamondback Hybrid Broadheads do against a PINEAPPLE? Deer season is around the corner, check out more and pick up some gear for your next whitetail hunt at http://www.ramcat.com and as always see more gear at insidearchery.com

Ramcat Diamondback Hybrid Broadhead – 100 Grain

Ramcat Broadhead VS the Produce Aisle

The new Ramcat Diamondback Hybrid is the perfect combination of a dependable fixed blade delivering a guaranteed 7/8″ cut and a pair of mechanical blades creating a devastating 2+” wound channel. This combination creates unmatched blood loss and a short walk to your animal.

Voted one of the Best Broadheads in 2020 by Hunting Retailer Magazine!

  • Concave air foil scoop for lethal accuracy and penetration
  • Single bevel fixed blade delivers 7/8” initial cut diameter
  • Mechanical blades deploy to 2+” cut diameter on impact
  • 0-Ring system guarantees blades remain secure until impact
  • 100 Grain, 3 Pack


From Ramcat:

The Ramcat is a wickedly accurate, absolutely devastating broadhead. Much more than a cut-on-contact or chisel-tip broadhead, the tip of every Ramcat is a purpose-driven, technically superior design with a multi-faceted focus:

  1. Concave scoops create an airfoil that eliminate wind planing and forces air to slip over the ferrule and arrow shaft for best-in-class accuracy and impact energy.
  2. On impact, the airfoil creates an outward force on flesh, pushing it away from the shaft for exceptional penetration and a massive wound channel.

This performance is achieved with any recurve, compound or crossbow, at any speed.

Today’s lineup of Ramcat broadheads are the most advanced, best performing, best value for bowhunters.

Hits Like A Ram, Cuts Like a Cat!

WHY Ramcat Broadhead???

Ramcat Broadhead – BACK CUT TECHNOLOGY

The rear of the blades are sharpened. lf there is no pass through, the blades roll forward and cut coming out. Blades are .032” stainless steel and silent in flight.


The patented concave scoop design creates an airfoil that eliminates wind planing for field point accuracy.

On impact, the airfoil science of Ramcat continues to work by moving body mass outward and away from the broadhead body and arrow shaft.Patent # US 8,210,971 B1


Blades are cantilevered over the arrow shaft and offset in the broadhead body creating a devastating vortex cut and results in the most aerodynamic broadhead on the market.


This two O-ring system on the threaded shank eliminates any thread slop and guarantees the broadhead is 100% concentric in the insert.


While the patented concave scoops on a Ramcat tip make it the most accurate broadhead you’ll ever shoot, on impact these scoops turn the head into a hydrodynamic plow. The airfoils created by the scoops push body mass outward, away from the arrow shaft, creating wound channels much larger than the cutting diameter and resulting in devastating penetration.

As always see more gear at insidearchery.com

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