WebXtra September: Scent Lures & Killers

Scent Lures & Killers

By Patrick Meitin

Get the drop on big game by adopting the latest scent products.

Despite exceptional eyesight and fair hearing, big-game animals ultimately operate and survive with their noses. White-tailed deer, in particular, locate and keep track of one another, and communicate with other deer through an array of glandular secretions and urine. All mammals locate food by following their noses. Big-game animals also avoid danger by trusting their noses, especially when it comes to human odor: Wild animals think you stink!

The savvy bowhunter uses the world of scent, and scent elimination, to their advantage. Various glandular or food-based scents bring target animals beneath your stands or near your blinds. Perhaps more importantly, scent-elimination products destroy human odors to help bowhunters get closer.

To follow are some of the hottest scent products for 2015.

Attraction Scents

ScentBlocker’s new DUI—Deer Under the Influence—introduces a naturally-intoxicating effect that calms deer near your stands. The calming effect is completely new to hunting. DUI contains a powerful natural root extract which is physiologically calming and relaxing to high-strung animals. DUI, in essence, reduces the fear and flight response of deer, while also proving to be habit forming. DUI is offered in Cherry Vanilla and Apple scents, so it also acts as an attractant.

Scents & Killers: ScentBlocker DUI

Special Golden Estrus from Wildlife Research Center has become a gold standard for whitetail hunters looking to bring rutting bucks beneath stands or coax them to revisit favorite stand sites. Special Golden Estrous includes premium doe urine and super-fresh estrus secretions that really get big bucks cranked up during the rut. Look for it in 1-, 4- and 8-ounce bottles.

Scents & Killers: Wildlife Research Center Special Golden Estrus

Wildgame Innovations introduces Wild Estrus Doe Squirt and Doe Dripper—both made from 100 percent doe urine, and including patented Glo-Cote UV additive. The additive emits a neon-blue glow deer see day or night. Curious deer are drawn in to investigate, and the scent takes over as they move closer. Both are double sealed to ensure maximum freshness. Doe Squirt comes in 3-ounce, no-spill bottles. Doe Dripper comes in 3-ounce bags that drip steadily for up to 8 hours.

Scents & Killers: Wildgame Innovations Wild Estrus Squirt

Bubblin’ Crude for Deer (also Bubbin’ Crude for Hogs) from Primos is a water-activated, granular attractant deer (and hogs) can’t resist. Dig a hole, pour in Bubbin’ Crude, and then add water. It expands in volume and releases aromatic gasses that attract deer. After deer have consumed the attractant, long-lasting residues serve as a mineral site deer will continue to visit. It comes in an easy-pour pouch.

Scents & Killers: Primos Bubblin' Crude

The Land Mine scent system from Mrs. Doe Pee gives hunters a unique way to dispense the company’s proven deer lures around stand sites. Fill the Land Mine with a Mrs. Doe Pee’s deer lure—Doe in Estrus, Fresh Doe or Buck in Rut—and bury it near a stand site. Deploy the pull-out wick to release scent for a no-mess way to disperse scent and attract big bucks.

Scents & Killers: Mrs. Doe Pee's Land Mine

Big & J’s Liquid Luck long-range deer attractant works quickly, so precious time on stand is made more profitable. Liquid Luck is a food-based attractant containing alluring scents, plus essential nutrients and protein that will have deer coming back for more. The carry-and-pour packaging is easy to store and transport, and simple to dispense.

Scent Lures & Killers: Big & J Liquid Luck

Power Scrape All-Season Scrape Kit by Tink’s includes everything needed for scent attraction from the warm early season through the cold late season. The value pack includes original Power Scrape Starter, all-new Power Scrape Finisher, and a Tink’s Scrape Bomb Dripper. Starter is dispensed up to a month before the rut to get bucks scraping earlier, and Finisher—enhanced with Tink’s Doe-In-Rut estrous and buck secretions— should be used during the rut. Both can be utilized on natural or mock scrapes, and will not freeze in cold temperatures.

Scent Lures & Killers: Tink's Power Scrape

MOJO Scent Sticks from .30-06 Outdoors give hunters a long-lasting alternative to messy attractants and scent-blocking sprays. MOJO’s nontoxic, waxy formula applies clear to any surface and remains effective for days in wet or hot weather. MOJO Scent Sticks come in small, adjustable dispensers similar to underarm deodorant, so they won’t leak. They’re available in two attractants and five cover scents.

Scent Lures & Killers: .30-06 Outdoors MoJo Scent Stick

New from Buck Bomb, Igniter is 4 ounces of 100 percent doe-in-estrus whitetail deer urine collected from does during their peak estrous cycle. The squeeze bottle is perfect for use during pre-rut and rut periods. Use with the company’s Detonator scent wick, a 12-inch, hanging, luminous-tape equipped wick that rolls inside an O-ring-sealed canister, for mock scrapes, scent drags or to “sweeten” decoys.

Scent Lures & Killers: Buck Bomb Igniter

Code Blue’s Screamin’ Heat is the company’s hottest estrous scent. This is pure estrous urine enhanced with all-natural doe secretions. Code Blue’s collection process ensures every bottle is pure, premium, fresh and collected from individual estrous does. The added secretions make the lure ultra hot to bring big bucks running during the rut.

Scent Lures & Killers: Code Blue Screamin' Heat

Corn Flavor from Nutra Deer was designed to make shelled corn more appealing and helps deer find it faster. Corn Flavor comes in 4-ounce squirt bottles, in Fresh Apple, Ripe Persimmon, Sweet Acorn, Candy Corn and Original Power Punch, each formulated to make 150 pounds of corn smell and taste better. It’s easy to use, economical and can be mixed with feeder corn to make it more attractive than your neighbor’s feed site.

Scent Lures & Killers: Nutra Deer Corn Flavor

Scent Elimination & Cover-Up Scents

ScentBlocker improved its Trinity Blast scent-elimination spray by combining four essential elements of human scent control into one spray bottle. Trinity prevents odors from forming, neutralizes human-odor contacts, and oxidizes tougher odors via nano-sized titanium dioxides plus Trinity synthetic polymer particles found in ScentBlocker apparel—destroying scent on many levels. Use it on boots, clothing or bowhunting accessories. Look for it in 12-, 24- and 32-ounce sizes.

Scent Lures & Killers: Scent Blocker Trinity Blast

ScentLok’s new Liquid Alloy technology is uniquely engineered to help eliminate a wide spectrum of organic odors compounds, as well as combat unwanted airborne inorganic odors. Liquid Alloy includes antimicrobial and oxidizing agents to destroy a wider spectrum of naturally-occurring human odors and outside scents encountered in the environment. Liquid Alloy is offered in a Home Kit containing Bar Soap, Antiperspirant, Hair & Body Wash and Laundry Detergent to start the scent-free regimen off right, plus Field Spray and Wipes to take care of scent elimination after you have reached your hunting site.

Scent Lures & Killers: ScentLok Field Spray

Under Armour Scent Elimination from Evolved eliminates odors by creating chemical reactions which permanently eliminate organic and non-organic odors. It uses custom-engineered zeolite synthetic lava to actively attract odors, then a chemical compound neutralizes those odors. The line includes laundry detergent, dryer sheets, spray (12- and 32-ounce bottles), and shampoo/body wash. Sprays are safe for carbon and waterproof materials and absorb UV rays.

Scent Lures & Killers: Evolved Under Armour Scent Elimination

Primos Control Freak scent-elimination products control both bacteria- and inorganic-based odors. They work on contact to instantly remove odors from clothing and equipment and keep odors from reforming for up to 24 hours. Primos’ Control Freak Kit includes a 16-ounce bottle of Control Freak Spray that’s safe on all fabrics, a 12-ounce bottle of laundry detergent, Pit Stick, Bar Soap, a 12-ounce bottle of Shampoo & Conditioner and a mesh storage bag. The kit retails for $30; a considerable savings from purchasing each item individually.

Scent Lures & Killers: Primos Control Freak

Code Blue EliminX 360 SilverZyme Odor eliminator combines bacteria-killing nanosilver and enzyme technologies to eliminate bacteria and foreign odors. Silver-Zyme includes a unique silver molecule missing eight electrons, causing each molecule to actively seek odor-causing agents and bond to them which neutralizes them before recharging to keep on working. Unscented EliminX is dispensed in an aerosol mist that penetrates fabrics deeply. The 12-ounce canister can even spray upside down.

Scent Lures & Killers: Code Blue EliminX

Wildlife Research Center’s Scent Killer Gold is the industry veteran’s best scent-elimination spray: A premium spray Rutgers University researchers found 99 percent effective for eliminating replicated human odor up to 10 days after drying. Scent Killer Gold uses Hunt Dry Technology to last longer, even during wet days. Use it on everything from hunting clothing to boots and packs.

Scent Lures & Killers: Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Gold

CarboMask —the activated-carbon, camouflage face-paint experts—also brings hunters new CarboSoap Hunter’s Shampoo. CarboSoap uses activated-carbon in a high-glycerin formula to clean away oils and scents that can give you away to the most wary game. The product includes a 100-percent money-back guarantee, and comes in an 8-ounce bottle.

Scent Lures & Killers: CarboMask CarboSoap

Dead Down Wind’s Evolved 3D+ Field Spray, in 24-ounce spray bottles, eliminates a broad spectrum of odors. Broad Spectrum Technology eliminates tough scents, including human, food, automotive exhaust, smoke, pet odors, foot and contact odors. The next-generation spray is skin safe. Dead Down Wind keeps customers scent free on many levels, from laundry detergent, to scent-elimination personal-care products, to field sprays.

Scent Lures & Killers: Dead Down Wind Evolve 3D+

Bowhunter1’s new ELIMASCENT scent- and bacteria-eliminating products are deemed “Bowhunter Grade” for demanding pursuits. Developed after input from bio-medical experts and industry professionals specializing in natural scent-elimination ingredients, the odorless formula attacks and kills odor-causing bacteria while also neutralizing non-organic odors. The clear, non-staining formula comes in a specially-designed, ultra-fine sprayer for thorough application. It also eliminates blood stains and washes hands after field dressing. It’s offered in 4- and 28-ounce field spray and Hair and Body Wash.

Scent Lures & Killers: Bowhunter1 Elimascent

Scent-A-Way MAX Body Soap and Shampoo from Hunter’s Specialties includes MAX technology with activated odor scrubbers that aggressively attract and attack bacterial odors, while also neutralizing a wide range of environmental odors for long-lasting scent protection. Soap is biodegradable and contains Honeyquat for increased hydration, and Aloe Vera to leave hair and skin soft and odor free. It comes in ergonomically-designed, 12- or 32-ounce bottles that are easier to grip when wet.

Scent Lures & Killers: Hunter's Specialties Scent-A-Way


Ozonics’ HR-200 is in a scent-elimination class of its own. The portable, 1.7-pound unit quietly blankets a hunter’s scent zone with oxidizing ozone. The HR-200 introduces electricity to oxygen (O2), fracturing the molecules and temporarily turning them into ozone (O3). The unstable ozone molecules bond to other molecules (like scent molecules) and unravels the human scent code, making it unidentifiable or destroying it outright. Ozonics offers a money-back guarantee on its technology.

Scent Lures & Killers: Ozonics

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