Tactacam Introduces Revolutionary Scope Viewing Technology

The year Tactacam has gone above and beyond by introducing new scope viewing technology with the Tactacam FTS. The introduction of the Tactacam FTS now expands the capabilities of these cameras even further by offering scope viewing technology. This revolutionary technology incorporates the great features of Tactacam cameras with the high-power magnification of riflescopes. The Tactacam FTS combines the high-definition video from your Tactacam camera with the high-power zoom of a rifle scope giving you the ability to remotely view and record live footage from your rifle on your smart phone. Simply couple your scope and your camera together with the Tactacam FTS components and sync the camera to the Tactacam APP on your smart phone for live viewing. The FTS maintains all functionality of your riflescope and your firearm. By offsetting the FTS camera mount, shooters are able to safely operate their firearm as they traditionally would, viewing through a live feed to their smart phone. After setup, the unique design of the Tactacam FTS allows the riflescope to operate as normal without additional adjustment or modification.

Tactacam has long set the standard for high-definition recording of live action in the field. Whether hunting whitetail from a treestand with a bow or flushing upland birds with your shotgun, Tactacam has been there to record those ultimate moments in the lives of hunters. Tactacam’s innovative camera systems offer the complete package for infield recording of your favorite past times. With the powerful Tactacam 5.0, users can enjoy 4k resolution and high power magnification with incredible resolution and picture quality. Wi-fi and APP viewing options, remote control activation, slow motion and live streaming capabilities are all standard features of the new Tactacam 5.0. With endless mounting options, your Tactacam cameras can attach to any hunting device and enjoy hours of record time regardless the conditions.

No matter what you’re chasing, Share Your Hunt. Learn more at Tactacam’s website.

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  1. Got a Solo about a year ago to film turkey hunts. Video is clear,recovers immediately after shot, mic is super sensitive. The Go Pro is not even a consideration and sits in a box.

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