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TargetTack Review

ByInside Archery

Jun 1, 2023

TargetTack Review Setting arrows into flight is what archery is all about. The very act of releasing an arrow offers deep relaxation and respite from the stresses of everyday life. 

But regular shooting is also vitally important to sharpening shooting skills to become more proficient, sighting in, and tuning bows to create that enjoyment. In the big picture target butts are as integral to archery as the bows and arrows we shoot, as arrows must be safely captured after every shot to ensure they are not damaged. Adding a printed target to this butt is a big part of the fun, allowing us to keep score, track progress, or practice for bowhunting by engraining proper shot placement. 

Securing paper or vinyl targets to backstops has generally involved large nails or wire pins—both of which, at one time or another, have inflicted damage to my expensive arrows. 

TargetTack Review

New TargetTacks offer a safer, more reliable way to anchor printed targets to any conceivable archery target. Molded polymer TargetTacks are an affordable, infinitely reusable, ultra-secure, and most importantly, arrow-friendly option for securing paper or vinyl targets to archery backstops. TargetTacks are compatible with any common archery target material, including layered or molded foam, traditional straw or excelsior butts, and even stuffed bag targets. TargetTack are offered in two lengths, 1- and 3-inch, the former best suited to bag targets with tough polymer faces and inserted with a twisting motion, the latter ideal for all other materials, as well as looser bag targets. 

TargetTacks are easy and straight forward to use. Simply poke them through each corner of the target face and ease them into the backstop material. The tapered, three-edged and serrated pin easily penetrates even high-density foam, while the flat-backed heads hold targets securely, even in a breeze or while being pounded by high-performance compounds or crossbows. Should the anchoring holes become loose after repeated target changes, a quarter-turn twist retightens the TargetTack’s hold on the backstop material. 

TargetTack Review

The tough polymer construction can withstand the harsh weather of outdoor ranges, and should an archer accidently impact one of the TargetTack heads it will not damage the point, insert or arrow, making for a safer option. TargetTack’s ergonomic design can be deployed by anyone, including youth shooters and women with fashionable fingernails. 

For home and backyard use, TargetTacks are offered in 1- or 3-inch four packs or a Variety 8 Pack containing four each of the 1- and 3-inch options (sold in individual or bundle packs for retail sale). Perhaps of more interest to pro shops with shooting ranges, TargetTacks can also be purchased in bulk, in standard orange or custom colors (with a minimum of 1,000). Leaving a bucket of TargetTacks on the target range allows customers to grab what they need while hanging targets. The looped heads also allow hanging outdoor wind flags or novelty targets such as balloons. 

TargetTack is veteran run, family owned and made in the USA. Check them out by visiting TargetTackLLC.com

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