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The Burt Coyote Co. Launches the R300 Nock

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May 31, 2024

Yates City, IL. (May 30th, 2024) – The Burt Coyote Company, makers of the Lumenok, the brightest, most dependable lighted nocks for both vertical and crossbows on the market launches the R300 Lumen-Arrow bolt combination. 

The Lumenok R300 crossbow nock was designed to be shot with Lumen-Arrow bolts as a complete bolt featuring a .300 ID shaft and are equipped with replaceable batteries. These lighted bolts are ideally used for rail-free style crossbows such as the Ravin crossbow line-up. 

They will be sold in 20-inch length bolts, + 0r – .002” shaft straightness, equipped with Blazer vanes, and come in various nock colors. The Unique Snap-loc technology assures the archer that the bolt is secured on the string, lessening the opportunity of a misfire or malfunction between the bolt and string. 

Key Features:

  • Better string fitment better smoother operation
  • 92-grain brass insert for true weight forward performance
  • Durable and meant to be shot many times
  • + 0r – .002” or better straightness for Match Grade Accuracy

Lumenok lighted arrow nocks contain no switch or any other moving parts, and there is nothing attached to the bow to activate them. Lumenoks contain a simple circuit that relies on the conductive material in the arrow shaft to activate it providing unmatched reliability and durability. Unlike other lighted nocks that use bobber lights designed for fishing, Lumenoks are built inside a real nock with a larger, brighter LED and are durable enough to be shot many times.

“We receive calls daily from folks searching for a better solution for there rail free crossbows and we are now pleased to offer this as a fantastic solution”, said Lumenok President, Curt Price. “Early feedback has been outstanding and we are excited to see what the future holds”.

About Burt Coyote Co., Inc.

The Burt Coyote Company was started by Curtis Price and his brother, Eric Price, in 1998.  Since 2002, the Burt Coyote Company has been producing the world’s best lighted arrow nock: the Lumenok.   Activated by the force applied at the release of the arrow, the Lumenok illuminates the flight path of the arrow and stays lit until retrieved.   This revolutionary product has changed the archery and bowhunting world forever.  And with improvements like new contacts and a replaceable battery, the Lumenok can be shot hundreds, if not thousands of times.

Today, the Burt Coyote Company has expanded their product line to include crossbow bolts and nocks, bowfishing equipment, the F.A.S.T. arrow squaring tool, and the new Arrow Puller/Lumenok Extinguisher.  For more information, contact the Burt Coyote Co. at (309) 358-1602 or online at www.lumenok.com.

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