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Scent Thief Laundry Detergent Locks in Hunting Apparel’s Performance

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May 31, 2024

Hunting is hard on clothing and other gear. Harsh weather, trailing wounded game, and hauling the harvest out of the woods stress hunting equipment, not to mention the possibility of getting blood and other bodily fluids on favorite hunting apparel. Modern fabrics come with hefty price tags, so protect them with Scent Thief® Laundry Detergent. It thoroughly cleans clothing and accessories and helps to preserve fabrics and maximize performance.

Many of today’s technical hunting apparel breaks down and loses effectiveness due to heavy use. Scent Thief Laundry Detergent cleans fabrics, removes any lingering odors, and preserves the performance of clothing and accessories. The detergent contains the same patented No Smell Technology™ found in Scent Thief’s products, shutting down an animal’s ability to smell. It works by relaxing the nasal epithelium, rendering animals unable to detect any odors. Unlike traditional scentless laundry detergents, Scent Thief’s detergent does not use any chemicals to mask human odors.

Scent Thief Laundry Detergent should be part of a hunter’s total Scent Thief No Smell System, giving users an advantage over game in all conditions, including swirling and unpredictable winds. Hunters can use the laundry detergent in both regular and HE washers. It is phosphate-free and safe for use with all technical fabrics and fibers, like carbon apparel and wool. It is safe for the skin and the environment.

Scent Thief Laundry detergent is available in a 32-ounce container or within the Scent Thief Trophy Pack. Use the detergent with the rest of Scent Thief’s line of products to go undetected in the woods, regardless of how the wind blows!

Scent Thief Laundry Detergent Features:

  • Phosphate-free
  • Features patented “No Smell” Technology
  • Ingredients are safe for skin, clothing, and the environment
  • Combine with the full Scent Thief line for complete coverage

Scent Thief Laundry Detergent Specifications:

  • One 32 fluid ounce container

For more information, please visit WWW.SCENTTHIEF.COM

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