T.R.U. Ball Archery’s Reo Wilde Signature Series GOAT Release

T.R.U. BALL Archery’s most anticipated mid-year release is now delivered! The Reo Wilde Signature Series GOAT combines two of the most popular methods of activation into one unprecedented release. The GOAT can be used as a thumb activated trigger release or hinge release in three easy steps, taking about 30 seconds to switch. It comes with a half nickel plated brass, half black aluminum tapered handle, and articulating finger pieces to make the release a three- or four-finger configuration. The GOAT in the package is set as a thumb activated release, with individual trigger travel and trigger sensitivity screws with locks.

Making the GOAT a hinge-style release:

Step 1: Remove a single dowel

Step 2: Turn Sear Lock screw clockwise until tight

Step 3: Turn Trigger Lock screw clockwise until tight

It is that simple! The GOAT as a hinge comes standard with a medium click installed and a no click option can be achieved by flipping the sear 180 degrees. There will be an option for a fast click soon. Treat yourself and try the GOAT: one of the most innovative releases to ever hit the market.


  • Easily transforms back & forth from trigger to back-tension
  • Separate micro-adjust settings for back-tension and trigger that do not change when transforming
  • All adjustment settings have lock screws
  • Crisp trigger with a hardened stainless steel sear internal firing mechanism
  • New Ultra-Flex personalized fit system – Hi-Def knurled finger beds 3 and 4 finger articulating handle pieces included
  • All new multi-position offset trigger thumb barrel
  • Half Quicksilver Nickel plated brass handle for weight

Learn more by visiting T.R.U. Ball’s website.

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