Darton Archery Just Released the 2019 Lightning XT Compound Bow

Darton Archery is sure to impress with its new lineup of high-performance compound bows for 2019.

Darton Archery and the owner/head engineer Rex are extremely proud of this new unbelievable lineup and are very excited to show you what’s in store for the upcoming year.

Just this week, Darton released their newest addition, the Lightning XT. The name of this bow speaks for itself as it is hitting speeds in the 350s already and is expected to hit up to 360 fps. This compound is 30” axle-to-axle and has a 5 ½-inch brace height. The Lightning XT features an upgraded handle and riser for a thinner grip and a full shelf rather than the removable shelf on Darton’s previous bow models. It also has the positive limb draw stop and new patented technology to maintain perfect tune no matter how the module is adjusted.

Darton Archery really hits a homerun with the Lightning XT because of its high-performance, ease-of-use, and improved technologies. This highly innovative new lineup from Darton Archery will satisfy any hunter looking to add to their deadly collection of muscle compound bows. In addition to the Lightning XT, Darton is releasing the Spectra-e and Maverick XT as part of their 2019 lineup and are also well worth the consideration. Rex and his team have truly stepped it up and brought to the market the strongest series of compound bows Darton has yet to offer.


  • 32” axle-to-axle
  • 5 ½ “ brace height
  • 25-30” draw lengths
  • 350-360 fps
  • Positive Limb Draw Stop
  • Smooth, quiet draw cycles
  • New patented technology to maintain tune with any adjusments

Learn more by visiting Darton Archery’s website.

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