Vantage Point Archery Broadheads

Vantage Point Archery Broadheads are sharp, slick and strong. The super basic 1 piece design are available from 100 to 300 grains and everything in between. Three Blade, Two Blade, every broadhead is made out of 1 whole piece of steel, eliminating the worry when using on big game. Vantage Point Archery Broadheads tips are super sharp, ready for bone penetration. If you are looking for a broadhead that will surely last you more than one season with the ability to resharpen look no further than Vantage Point Archery. Learn more at and as always see more videos and content at

Vantage Point Archery Broadheads

From Vantage Point Archery:

When you hear the words American Made, what comes to mind? There are so many tangible goods that all of us as consumers use on a daily basis. While you may not consciously think about some of these products as you use them daily, life would not be the same without them. 

For us here at Vantage Point Archery, there is nothing more American then the U.S. based manufacturing sector.  We are proud to be based in the Midwest and more specifically here in Indiana, which both boasts some of the largest manufacturing hubs in the United States of America.  Having been in the industry for several decades now, we know what it takes to manufacture goods that consumers use on a daily basis.

Along with everyday consumer products we specialize in our own line of Archery specific products. It is certainly not an easy profession, but it’s what we are passionate about and what drives us to become better each and every day.”

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