Vapor Trail Archery President Jarrod Fondie, 47, Passes

Inside Archery cover with Jarrod Fondie

It is with sad hearts and regret that Inside Archery announces the passing of Jarrod Fondie, archery innovator and president of Vapor Trail Archery. Fondie, 47, passed away suddenly at his Minnesota residence.

Fondie was especially known for his attention to detail, his solutions to problems, and his commitment to customer satisfaction. He was a great ambassador for the archery industry, as well as an expert bow technician. A perfectionist by trait, Fondie had the determination and skill to take an idea from concept to completion. And the results show in Vapor Trail Archery and its innovative products.

The staff at Inside Archery and Zebra Publishing would like to extend its condolences, prayers, and support to the friends and family of Jarrod Fondie, as well as the team at Vapor Trail Archery.

For more information, visit Vapor Trail’s website.


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