Victory Archery VXT Target Arrows

Victory Archery considers the VXT Target Arrow the most advanced arrow ever built by the company. This front-parallel, rear-taper target arrow boasts extreme accuracy, high FOC, and faster arrow recovery in flight. Micro-diameter dimensions make this arrow less affected by wind.

A thinner, weaker tail section offers improved clearance during launch, and a thicker, stiffer front section increases FOC for improved down range accuracy. The soft tail section and stiff front section also provide more forgiveness for finger shooters. The VXT Target Arrow also features 100 percent high-modulus carbon construction and a proprietary outer weave that reduces torsional deflection and improves spine uniformity.

This arrow design has been in development for over 4 years, and is built on a constant diameter mandrel instead of a tapered mandrel, so the inner diameter doesn’t change when the arrow is trimmed. Victory took things a step further by tapering and building FOC directly into the shaft itself.

Learn more by visiting Victory Archery’s website.

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