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.30-06 Outdoors Aluma 6 Drop Pin, Good for 100 yds.

ByInside Archery

May 17, 2024

The Aluma 6-Pin Sight is the premier sight from our Aluma line. This rugged and stylish sight, features durable all-aluminum construction, orange head for quick sight acquisition, and 5, .019 fiber optic pins with an additional .010 drop pin. Use right or left-handed. Includes level and light.

• All-Aluminum Construction

• Orange Head for Quick Sight Acquisition

• Rugged Truss Blade Pin Design

• 5 – .019 Fiber Optics  1 – .010 Drop Pin

• Includes Level and Sight Light

• Right or Left-Handed

Learn more at https://www.30-06outdoors.com/product-page/aluma-6-pin-sight


When you choose to become a leader in manufacturing and distributing innovative outdoor products, you tend to cross industry lines. As a result, the success of so many .30-06 Outdoors products has created a family of related companies to better release gear that spans the genre. That same quality hunters have come to expect from .30-06 can now be found in our sister companies: Native Ground Blinds, and Warrior River Crossbow Co.

Welcome to the family! We’re here to provide you with the best, most innovative products for the Outdoor industry. We’ll treat you the way you expect to be treated – like a friend and partner, not a number.

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