New Ice-Inspired Vane from Bohning

2257235After the successful launch of the Ice Vane in late 2014 and subsequent requests for a 2″ version, The Bohning Company decided to team up once again with world-class archers Dominique Genet and Pierre-Julien Deloche in the development of a new outdoor vane for longer distances and volatile weather conditions. Genet specifically wanted the same low-profile as the Ice Vane but with an X-VaneTM inspired tail as those are the two vanes he had obtained the best results with.

During the summer of 2015, the prototype was created and sent to Genet and Deloche. They fletched the vanes at 2o to 3o angles, using them during practice and tournaments for the remainder of the outdoor season. The results being what everyone had hoped for, Bohning decided to add the Air Vane to its line of target vanes.

The 2″ Air Vane is great for long distance and lighter arrows. The 2″ length also allows for a 2-3o helical even when fletched on very small diameter shafts.

The Air Vane measures 2″ (50.8mm) in length, 0.3″ (7.62mm) in height and weighs 4.5 grains. The Air Vane is available now for $14.38 a 36pk, $29.68 a 100pk and $228.31 a 1,000pk. For more information and to order visit today.
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