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Altra Arrows’ Levi Morgan Triumphs with First Place at Camp Minden ASA 2024

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May 3, 2024

This weekend at the Camp Minden ASA event in Louisiana, Levi Morgan shot his way into first place, demonstrating exceptional skill and precision. Morgan’s confidence gunning for bonus rings in the shootoff victory was powered by his choice of equipment, prominently featuring Altra Arrows, which are quickly becoming the hottest arrow in competitive archery.

The event saw fierce competition, with some of the best archers in the nation gathering to showcase their prowess. The Camp Minden ASA event is the half-way point of the ASA archery calendar, attracting participants from across the country to compete and witness the skill and dedication of top archers. This year’s event was no exception, with Morgan’s performance setting a high standard for future competitions.

“Winning here at Camp Minden feels incredible. It’s a testament to hard work, dedication, and truly great equipment,” said Levi Morgan. “Altra Arrows have been a great addition to my quiver this season and their performance is unmatched”.

Altra Arrows have been instrumental in Morgan’s impressive performance throughout the season, providing him with the consistency needed to compete at the highest level. The arrows’ advanced technology and superior craftsmanship ensure that archers like Morgan can perform their best when it counts the most.

“We are thrilled to see Levi Morgan achieve such remarkable success using Altra Arrows at the Camp Minden ASA event,” commented Josh Sidebottom, COO of The Outdoor Group. “Levi’s victory is a powerful endorsement of the quality and performance of the Altra brand. We are committed to supporting archers with the best possible products to achieve their goals.”

Altra Arrows’ contingency program spans archery disciplines and includes both women’s and men’s professional and amateur divisions in first, second and third place. Offering more than $60,000 in winnings in 2024.

Archers interested in the contingency program can visit www.altraarrows.com/contingency to learn more, register and claim payouts for qualifying podium finishes.

About Altra Arrows

Established in 2022 as a proud member of The Outdoor Group’s family of brands, Altra Arrows took on the archery industry by storm, delivering unrivaled NO SPINE Technology through manufacturing processes that significantly reduce the arrow’s spine. Comprised of high-grade carbon shafts and premium components, Altra Arrows provide superior tunability and unmatched consistency for the hunter and target shooter. For more information, visit: www.altraarrows.comor follow Altra Arrows on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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