Bohning Has Dealers in Mind with New Product Boxes

Product BoxNew Vane and Nock Product Boxes from The Bohning Company have something for everyone.

The Vane Product Box comes with 900-2,100 vanes and the Nock Product Box comes with more than 200 nocks. With each box containing several different style vanes or nocks in multiple colors, dealers can easily replace customer’s damaged Bohning vanes and nocks. The Boxes also make it easy to transport a variety of vanes and/or nocks while keeping them organized.

Pricing will begin at: $95 for the Nock Box and $259 for the Vane Box. Bohning also has special boxes prepared for new dealers and target-shooting specific needs. To find out more information or to order, call 231.229.4247 today.

For more information on Bohning, go to their website..

Product Box Product Box

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