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Carter Releases Whisper 2 Review

ByInside Archery

Aug 8, 2023

 Carter Releases Whisper 2 Release 

Until recently I shot nothing but hand-held/thumb-activated release aids.  As a long-time finger-shooter, the transition just felt more natural, without the disconnect experienced while using a typical wrist-strap/index-finger triggered release. A major injury to my left hand that left me with an inoperable thumb, minus an index finger, and unable to hold a bow, prompted me to switch to left-hand shooting and an open-hook/wrist-strap release that allows string-loop hookup without the benefit of a working thumb. 

So, it pains me greatly to have Carter’s new Whisper 2 release aid in hand, but unable to utilize it. And then have to watch a friend run it through the paces. First of all, Carter makes some of the finest hand-held release in the business, designs known for exceptionally crisp triggers, flawless operation and awesome ergonomics. How I dearly wish I could have shot this release when I was still able… 

Instead, friend Byron Ellsworth, a long-time 3-D competitor who has been on several bow-company pro staffs over a 30-year period, got the honors while I took careful notes. Of note, and as the name hints, the Whisper 2 is remarkably quiet. Carter labels this model the quietest hand-held release ever created, which is facilitated by four strategically placed rubber sound dampeners that silence the sear mechanisms. Some hand-held releases produce conspicuously auditable clicks and pings. You get none of that with the Whisper 2—a real plus while bowhunting spooky big game. 

Carter Releases Whisper 2 Release – Byron commented on how Carter’s Magnetic Adjustment System produced one of the crispest, creep-free trigger breaks he had ever experienced. This is accomplished without the need for a travel adjustment screw, which makes trigger tension customization fast and inherently simple. The system works by adding or removing trigger magnets to create the feel desired. This system is quiet and intuitively straight forward. The 100 percent hardened 440 stainless steel inner workings offer unsurpassed durability and wear resistance. 

Byron also enjoyed the reverse open jaw, which he found to be fast and silent during D-loop engagement, allowing him to hook up without taking eyes off the target. Byron, sporting a perpetual beard, also appreciated how the jaw opens away from the face, eliminating string and loop contact. After cut-away a magnet automatically resets the hook, though the rear “hammer-throw” lever must be thumbed downward to “cock” the release for subsequent shots. 

The Whisper 2 design minimizes the string-loop/release-hand gap, allowing extending draw length by a ½-inch without altering an accustomed anchor point. Byron, who shoots a 29-inch draw, tested this feature with one of my 30-inch bows, remarking that he could just nearly shoot the longer draw length comfortably. The two-finger design includes a full index finger ring, and deep crescent middle finger cradle. A polymer third-finger, angle-adjustable extension is easily added, the thumb trigger also adjustable for feel. Large and small handles are available. 

Byron is now begging me to keep this release… To learn more, just go to carterenterprises.com

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