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Dead Down Wind’s Evolve 3D+ Field Spray

ByInside Archery

May 11, 2018

Dead Down Wind’s Evolve 3D+ Field Spray features advanced enzyme technology to eliminate an unmatched broad spectrum of odors. The spray bottle has a continuous spray nozzle for easy and absolute coverage. It sprays at any angle, so you know you’ll get coverage where you need it with no hassle. The 3D+ Broad Spectrum Technology uses bio-engineered enzyme technology to break down scents like body odor, but also environmental odors like smoke, exhaust, etc. It’s effective on clothing, boots, bags, gear and more. Dead Down Wind uses the general nature of an enzyme as a biological catalyst to catalyze chemical reactions in the cells of living organisms to change, transform, break up, or fragment a molecular structure, like odor. The Evolve 3D+ Field Spray is great for scent control covering a wider range of odors due to its complex enzyme technology, and it will help you get in close to get that perfect shot.

Features of the 3D+ Field Spray include:

  • 3D+ Broad Spectrum Technology
  • Most effective odor controlling field spray
  • 50% More Odor Fighting Enzymes
  • New Spray Top for a more continuous and squeak-free spray

Dead Down Wind offers many scent-control products in addition to their Evolve 3D+ Field Spray. They offer a wide array of products including laundry detergent and dryer sheets, body and hair soap, wash towels, lip balm, deodorant, boot and storage powder, etc.

■ Learn more at Dead Down Wind’s website.

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