• Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Powered by Odoban® the leading solution for odor elimination and disinfecting worldwide, Lethal Products® announces new and improved Field Body Wipes.

When staying scent free is critical and a shower or running water are out of reach Lethal Products new and improved human scent eliminating Field Body Wipes deliver in convenience and effectiveness. Constructed from environmentally sustainable, biodegradable bamboo fiber clothes Lethal Field body wipes are durable yet soft to the touch and gentle on skin.  At the root of their effectiveness is Lethal’s new and improved exclusive scent eliminating formula powered by Odoban® technologies that are used worldwide for safe and effective scent elimination.  Each package of 7”X7.8” towelettes is hypoallergenic, free from chlorine and alcohol and safe to use on your entire body.   Field Body Wipes are an excellent choice for descenting at the truck or when you reach the stand but also deliver exceptional freshness in the backcountry or when nature calls.  Next time you need to eliminate odors or stickiness from perspiration, blood and urine after field dressing or everyday smells such as smoke, food, gas & diesel and even skunk reach for Lethal Field Body Wipes.

Packaged in a convenient resealable 25pack for an MSRP of: $10.49

About Lethal Scent Elimination Products

Lethal, a company owned by Clean Control Corporation, based in Warner Robins, GA, has been manufacturing commercial and household cleaning and scent elimination products since 1980. Product lines under the Clean Control Corporation umbrella are OdoBan, OdoBan Professional, Earth Choice, Pets Rule, Sports Edge and Lethal Products. Considered a leader within the cleaning industry, Clean Control’s leap into the outdoor industry was an obvious choice.

Lethal’s core products separate themselves from the competition. Created by chemists and field tested by professionals, Lethal Products contain the latest in human scent elimination technology and more.

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