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Lethal Products Patented Field Spray with a Boost Activator

ByInside Archery

Jan 5, 2019

Lethal Products began from a passion to bring new, patented technology to help everybody who enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and so much more. Developed from the same world-renowned laboratories as the hugely successful OdoBan product line, Lethal Products offer high-quality products and performance. The sister companies OdoBan and Lethal Products are part of Clean Control Corporation and share technologies. Since 1980, Lethal Products’ effort has been to produce effective products using the safest chemicals possible with environmentally preferable raw materials.

Lethal Product’s goal has always been to bring the best quality and latest technology to the outdoor industry. Whether it is for scent elimination and odor control field products, personal care products, or laundry and gear care lines, Lethal Products will continue to innovate, test and improve product lines. They have a full laboratory staffed with in house chemists, a bacteriologist and R & D staff. Products are designed, tested and manufactured in their own manufacturing facility in the heart of the south.

Lethal Field Spray is sold with a separate Boost Activator that charges the product with bonding agents that eliminate human odor. The binding effect is permanent, and since hunters activate Lethal Field Spray themselves, they know they’re getting the freshest product possible. Meanwhile, retailers get peace of mind from knowing that Lethal Field Spray won’t lose potency after sitting on a shelf. This patented formula is effective for 10 to 12 weeks after activation, and it works great for all game and predators.

Learn more by visiting Lethal Products’ website.

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