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Press Release from Ethics Archery:

Ethics Archery, the developer of the innovative and game-changing  “Spinning Insert”, is happy to announce that ALL of our inserts are now MADE IN THE USA!

We are a veteran-owned company that takes pride in our country and are excited to be bringing manufacturing jobs back home! Partnering with Carolina Precision Machine in Mooresville, NC, we are offering hunters everywhere a choice while providing them with American made archery products! We currently make inserts for the most popular arrows and bolts from major manufacturers such as Gold-Tip, Carbon Express and Easton, with micro arrow inserts and other bolt diameter inserts coming in the near future.

Our “Spinning Inserts” offer better flight, improved accuracy and deeper penetration which results in quicker, cleaner and more ethical kills. Complete pass through is likely, resulting in less suffering for the animal. The Ethics Archery “Shooting System” takes all the guesswork out of your arrow’s setup. By matching the “Spinning Insert” with our matched static insert, there are no changes to your tip weight between target and hunting. Your broad heads can now be used for their intended purpose (hunting). The spinning insert will make any fixed blade broad head fly like a field point. This will save you money on replacement blades and damaged broad heads. No re-sighting means you can use your field points for targets and your broad heads for hunting, resulting in achieving the same point of impact.

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