Archery Gear: Holiday Sales

November and December are very magical times of the year. There’s food galore, presents everywhere, and most importantly, consumers are spending more money. The holidays are always slammed packed with shoppers seeking out the best gifts and deals for their loved ones. There are many things to consider for bringing in those curious customers who use this time of year as an excuse to spoil their friends and families. Use this time to your advantage, and spice up your shop with the necessary holiday tools to keep up with these hectic shoppers. Keeping the right equipment in stock, clinging to the holiday spirit, and promoting special holiday deals are important to keep up with the major retailing companies.

Holiday Sales
The holidays are supposed to be fun and festive. Encourage your employees to get into the Christmas spirit and make customers part of the celebration.

For many families, the holiday season is all about spoiling the children. Having a large stock of children’s equipment for all ages and skill levels is a great way to provide gift options for all sorts of young archers. Models good for 4-7 year olds are Bear Archery’s 1st Shot longbow, Scout compound or the Goblin recurve. They are sold in kits starting at $15-$30, and include arrows, finger tab, arm guard, and a target. For children eight-years-old and older there is the $65 Bear Archery Brave, or Bear’s Flash shoot-through-riser/Whisker-Biscuit-equipped recurve for 5- to 10-year-olds. There is also the Bear Warrior adjustable compound for kids 11 and older. Although the main focus of these kids bows are Bear specific, there are many other great manufacturers that carry kid’s bows such as: Barnett, PSE, Mission, and Parker. The kids that have been shooting for a while and need an upgrade may be looking for models similar to the Mission Archery Menace, Diamond Archery’s Atomic and Infinite Edge Pro, Parker’s Lightning, and Bear Archery’s Apprentice 3, which all range from $250-$300. These packaged bows are common big sellers during the holidays.

Packaged bows that come with additional equipment are great gift ideas for youth or beginner bowhunters. Bow packages come in all sorts and sizes, so be sure to have them ranging for multiple ages. There are always young archers wanting to get into hunting, or adults that want to try the sport, but do not necessarily want to buy all of the equipment because that can get pretty pricey for beginners. These bows are still great quality and compare to the high-end bows with differences on a minor scale. Some great packaged bows include: Bear Archery’s Cruzer and Cruzer Lite RTH (ready to hunt) compounds, which come with a sight, whisker-biscuit arrow rest, a wrist sling, and a quiver; PSE Archery’s Stinger X RTH and Fever RTH, which are highly adjustable and shoot very nicely; the Mission Archery Craze II and Menace II, which come in a few different kits; and Hoyt’s Ruckus.

Holiday Sales
Packages like the Hoyt Ruckus are excellent gifts for kids.

You also can’t forget about those hardcore bowhunters that are consistently looking for new upgrades for their equipment. The holidays justify big spending for many, and holiday sales targeted at these hunters or their spouses can help clear out this year’s bows before the new ones start shipping after the ATA Show in January.

Equipment that needs to be regularly replaced should be central in your thinking. Have a wide variety in stock and make sure they’re front and center. This is the perfect season for people to buy these “stocking stuffer” items on a whim. It’s wise to make these items highly visible to accommodate scrambled, last-minute shoppers. The appearance of your shop is a big deal for many shoppers. Making it easy for the incoming customers is crucial to increasing revenue. If the shop is disorganized, it can be difficult for people to find what they need. A good way to achieve this would be by setting up signs that read, “Gifts for Her,” or “Gifts for Him,” or maybe even “Stocking Stuffers” to lead the customers in the right direction. Decorating the inside, setting lights up on the outside, and encouraging employees to spice up their wardrobe in spirit of the holidays can be exciting for shoppers. Other options to lure people into your shop could be hiring a professional sign twirler, radio ads, or newspaper ads.

Special promotions and deals are highly popular over the holidays. Consider offering special classes, putting a deal on Groupon, or providing special promotions for different products. The magic number seems to be $400, so offer deals on classes or coupons when a customer spends this much or more. Offer a trial beginner’s class for customers who buy packaged or beginner bows. People are looking for the best possible deals for their money. This would give them the opportunity to get “more” than what they are paying for.

To keep up with the shopping frenzy, keep stock of a wide variety of products that could catch the eye of all kinds of archers. Not only should you have speed-bows and brand new product launches, but it is important to keep up with the children, beginner, and recreational archery equipment. People are going to be looking for open options, and your job is to provide that. The holidays are big revenue months, and you do not want to miss out on lost opportunities. Be prepared, and catch the big bucks this season has to offer.

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