M&M Archery Range and Pro Shop: Inside Retailing WebXtra

By Rachael Reginek-Krenz

Melvin and Krysta Wright began M&M Archery Range and Pro Shop as a home-based business in 2009, and by 2013 the shop was moved to a 6,400-square-foot facility with 18 shooting lanes reaching up to 40 yards. This shop houses 3 full-time and 4 part-time employees and a number of popular archery brands: Mathews, Mission, Bear, Obsession, Barnett, Easton, Beman, Victory, Black Eagle, and many more. The products sold in this shop have been tested extensively in the field to make sure the products are effective and high quality. 

Melvin Wright has been a dedicated archer for 42 years, and decided to channel his passion for archery into a much needed pro-shop and range in Independence, Kentucky. As a family-owned and family-centric shop, it gives people of all ages the opportunity to practice and learn how to shoot. The friendly, unintimidating facility welcomes customers and makes them feel comfortable. M&M Archery Range and Pro Shop offers a youth archery program, which includes teaching kids as young as 5 years old. There’s truly something for everyone in the family and it’s a perfect way to spend time together.

M&M Archery Range and Pro Shop has an introduction shooting course that acts as a prerequisite to become eligible for their six- to eight-week classes, private classes, and open range time. Regardless of the experience upon walking in the shop, every archer must complete this entry class to understand range rules, get a sense of shooting style, and to see the level of experience with different types of equipment such as a crossbow, recurve, and compound bow. There is also a JOAD program offered and a pre-JOAD class that shows kids technical shooting form as well as how to fletch arrows and work on their equipment. 

M&M Archery Range and Pro Shop capitalizes on how fun archery is for people, and they are always looking for fun games or tournaments to get people involved. The owners’ passion and experience in archery has been the foundation of success for this pro shop, and it shows with the dedication to their customers’ satisfaction.

Learn more by visiting M&M Archery Range and Pro Shop’s website.

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