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John Jackson is the owner and CEO of Global Archery Products with a goal in mind to ignite an interest in archery by making it fun and accessible. He wanted to create a game that would incorporate the whole family for fun and exercise. Extreme Archery has grown to become a worldwide sport enjoyed in 65 countries in six different continents. All around the globe, people of all ages are able to enjoy the sport of extreme archery, even those who may not have had the desire, inclination or opportunity to pick up a bow and arrow.

Global Archery Products has made a lot of waves in the industry with the creation and continued development of Archery Tag and Extreme Archery. This innovative sport has introduced countless participants to the joy of archery, and that number continues to grow quickly. We spoke with John Jackson, founder and CEO of Global Archery Products, to learn more about this company’s incredible innovations, goals and special place in the industry.

Jackson says that when archery tag is used at an archery shop, it brings in a whole new demographic into the shop. It can be something that is ran on the weekends or holidays to draw in new crowds of people. Generally after a fun experience of archery tag, some will want to sign up for a class, private lesson, or purchase archery equipment for themselves. The best part is that it doesn’t take much advertising to get people interested in an archery tag event.

Since archery tag began the equipment used has been upgraded dramatically to ensure the safety of extreme archery. They have specially designed longbows, arrows with a screw-on foam tip, and the VaneNock, which combines four fletchings and the SAFENOCK into one unit. In addition to Archery Tag, Global Archery has also created lots of other products and games designed around safety and fun! The S.A.F.E. Archery line of products includes the Hoverball Archery target with targets that float on air, and our StickIt targets with innovative Velcro covered discs that mark where an arrow hit on the target. These unique offerings appeal to all ages and skill levels, are portable, and can be set up anywhere.

The stellar safety record has helped change the mindset of skeptics. The incredible 7 ½ year safety record of no injuries speaks for itself. Many of those who were against it but tried it in their shop, turned into advocates for the sport. Global Archery sets out to change the way the world thinks about archery through fun, creative and innovative archery experiences. Ultimately, the goal is to organize and grow the sport of Extreme Archery, maybe one day making it an Olympic sport.

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