Heated Hunts’ Innovative and Effective Heated Hunting Scent Dispenser

Heated Hunts heated hunting scent dispenser can be utilized in nearly any hunting environment for any type of game animal. The heated hunting scent dispenser drastically increases the odds of your success by heating and diffusing the hunting scents.

  • The scent will appear to be more “fresh” and bring in the most stubborn mature trophies in close
  • The energized scent molecules will travel farther and faster making the scent more effective
  • The heated scent dispenser will stop the scent from freezing
  • More likely to get a reaction from game by heating the scent

There is a silicone-encapsulated heater inserted between two wicks and the heater travels into the scent and ends exposed to the wind. The idea is to release the scent into the air via a heated, scented wick. Four AA batteries that can last up to 14 hours power the heated hunting scent dispenser. The power for this unit is controlled by a push button led switch.

The technology is simple, and relies on diffusion. Since diffusion is a gradual process it won’t vaporize the scent like steam. For example, when you’re cooking, barbecuing, or making coffee; when a liquid is heated the scent and aroma will travel faster and farther through your house or throughout your backyard into the woods. The same applies when you are hunting and using the Heated Hunts Scent Dispenser. When a scent is heated, the aromatic molecules obtain more kinetic energy allowing them to travel faster and farther. When a scent is cooled, it will travel less and possibly freezing, becoming useless.

Heated Hunts accomplished what many have failed at; create diffusion without instant vaporization or steam in a compact product that is light weight and uses only a few batteries. This is the only product that exposes heated wicks when in use and stores them within the product when not needed. You can do this while keeping your hands clean, and the dispenser can be hung from a tree or placed on the ground. Once the scent catches the wind, the hot scent will travel as far as the wind takes it.

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