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Kirsch, LLC is well known and admired for its huge collection of life-like 3-D targets, and the company recently ventured into new territory with the introduction of the Bloodhound XTN Tracking Nock.

Kirsch, LLC wants to equip the outdoorsman with the tools to recover his or her game when other methods fail.  The Bloodhound XTN Tracking Nock gives the hunter a blood trail backup, aiding the hunter in recovery of their game. Through this Kirsch encourages responsible usage of the wild resources, and provide the memories that help drive the outdoorsman to return again.

Phillip Kirsch, owner and founder of Kirsch, LLC, built this company to solve issues that many hunters have in common.

“The outdoors is something I highly value, and I want to share such experiences with others. But an area I’ve always been concerned about is the negative experiences or even just the ‘middle-of-the-road’ experiences I’ve seen newcomers have. After one of those experiences, I often don’t see their participation in the outdoors or archery continuing. That has been a deep driving factor in this process for me, and it’s something I strive to solve.” –Phillip Kirsch

Statistically 9-19% of all deer shot by a bow or crossbow  are lost according to multiple research studies, including Wisconsin’s 2019 Evaluation of Crossbow Use and Season Structure by WI DNR. Phillip Kirsch wanted to find a way to reduce this number of lost deer by developing the Bloodhound XTN Tracking Nock. It has an integrated stopping mechanism and retention mechanism so it stays in the animal for easy recovery.

“For a hunt to be the most ethical and successful, you want your arrow to pass completely through the animal. It hit me, though, that an arrow can pass completely through the animal, but the nock can stay with the animal for purpose of a blood-trail backup, and that’s extremely ethical,” stated Kirsch.

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