Mid-Year Hunting Gear

Generally speaking, the annual ATA Trade Show marks the launch of many of the year’s hottest products. Sometimes these products are announced a few months before the big show, but manufacturers use this massive industry gathering as an opportunity to make their year start with a bang by meeting with dealers face-to-face and letting them personally test out the latest products. But don’t let this event give you tunnel-vision. There are a lot of hidden gems that debut throughout the rest of the year. Let’s look at some of the hot products that came out this recent spring and summer.

Moultrie Pecan Pie and Trophy Maker

Moultrie Pecan Pie Deer Attractant and Trophy Maker Supplement

Moultrie’s lineup of game-management products now includes minerals and attractants with the recent addition of the Pecan Pie attractant and Trophy Maker mineral.

The Pecan Pie deer attractant is a nutty powder that can be poured onto the ground in small piles or narrow strips to attract deer to feeders, hunting sites or game cameras. The blend is designed to attract deer year-round.

Trophy Maker contains calcium and phosphorous to promote weight gain and antler development. It’s fortified with vitamins A, D and E for increased mineral absorption and overall herd health. Check out Moultrie’s website for more.

SKB’s 2SKB-3304 Arrow Case

SKB Arrow Case

The SKB 2SKB-3304 arrow case features an ABS-molded shell that accommodates 12 arrows up to 33.5 inches long. The case’s interior is equipped with high-density foam, and nickel-plated buckle latches secure each arrow. This arrow case is also lightweight at 3 pounds, and carries SKB’s 5-year warranty. Look for it this summer. Check out SKB’s website for more.

Diamond Edge SB-1

Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 Bow

Diamond Archery recently launched the versatile, highly adjustable Edge SB-1. This bow features the brand new EZ-Adjust System, which makes it remarkably simple to customize the draw length and weight. The draw weight can be set anywhere between 7 and 70 pounds, and the draw length can be set from 15 to 30 inches. The Edge SB-1 has a 7-inch brace height, measures 31 inches axle-to-axle, weighs 3.6 pounds and fires arrows up to 318 fps. Check out Diamond Archery’s website for more.

TRUGLO Carbon XS Stabilizer

TRUGLO Carbon XS Stabilizer

TRUGLO’s Carbon XS features a vibration-dampening suspension system that lets shooters adjust and alter the stabilizer to custom-tune it to their bow. The Carbon XS maximizes harmonic dampening by reducing bow vibrations to create a more efficient setup.

TRUGLO also added the TRU-TOUCH soft technical coating to further reduce noise. This nonreflective coating also minimizes glare in the field. Because most archers installing a stabilizer will need a bow sling, TRUGLO includes one with all Carbon XS stabilizers, adding value to performance. The wrist sling helps shooters support and balance the bow for maximum comfort and accuracy. Check out TRUGLO’s website for more.

Summit Treestands The Hex

Summit Treestands Hex Treestand

The Hex from Summit Treestands gets its name from the heavy-gauge hexagonal mesh in its platform. This stand has a double-rail made from high-performance steel tubing for durability. It’s also comfortable for all-day hunts, thanks to its padded armrests, rotating footrest, padded flip-up seat with a backrest, and padded shooting rail with quick-disconnect bolts. It weighs 115 pounds and its ladder measures 20.5 fee. Check out Summit Treestand’s website for more.

Badlands 2016 Apparel

Badlands Approach Camouflage Pattern

Badlands recently released its Approach camouflage pattern along with 26 pieces of apparel. This new apparel line ranges from base layers to fully waterproof outer layers, and comes with a handful of new technologies. The garments vary in combination with the latest temperature and scent-control technologies, making it easy to mix and match layers that create outfits well-suited for any climate or hunting scenario. Each item comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Check out Badlands’s website for more.

Duel Game Calls Pro Series Bugle

 Dual Game Calls Pro Series 17-inch Compact Bugle

This compact elk bugle is available in 17- and 21-inch models. It uses Duel Game Calls’ signature Dual Chamber technology to closely emulate the oral and nasal cavities of a bull elk. Its adjustable reed produces a full range of calls, from long-range bugles to soft grunts. Its design prevents freezing, and it comes with a camo cover, two replacement reeds, two O-rings and instructions. Check out Duel Game Calls’s website for more.

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