Rut Tracker: Tracking The Whitetail Rut – Late November

Rut Tracker: Tracking The Whitetail Rut – Late November – As the fall wears on, there will be some bucks tired and done with the rut, but there are still sure to be bucks on the prowl, searching for the last remaining receptive does, or does coming into a second estrous. If a doe isn’t bred during her first estrous cycle, (usually during the main phase of the rut) she’ll come into estrous again 28 days later; there’s sure to be bucks searching for these receptive does. Often these are the big, mature bucks in it for the long haul. Later in the season, you won’t see the frenetic chasing, fighting, and calling you may experience at other points during the rut, but there will undoubtedly be rut activity in the deer woods. This can happen well into December, and hunting this second rut shouldn’t be overlooked.

Mature Bucks will still make every attempt to Breed as many does as they can before Testosterone levels drop.

Oftentimes, the best way to target bucks chasing these receptive does is hunting these does. If you can hunt food sources were does are congregating, or travel corridors from thick bedding areas to feeding areas, these are great places to find that buck that’s still grinding away, looking for that last remaining ready-to-breed doe.


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The Outdoor Edge RazorBone™ Specs

Drop-Point Blade (3 Pcs.): 3.5 in / 8,9 cm
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Weight with Sheath: 6.4 oz / 181,4 g
Blade Steel: Japanese 420J2 stainless
Rockwell-C Hardness: 55-56
Blade Holder: 420J2 with black-oxide coating
Knife Handle: Grivory® with TPR inserts and stainless steel pocket clip

The Outdoor Edge RazorBone™ Features

  • Three styles of interchangeable blades
  • • 3.5″ Drop Point
  • • 5.0″ Boning/Fillet
  • • 3.4″ Gutting Blade
  • to field dress, debone, and process game—all with a single tool that never needs sharpening „
  • Change blades safely with the push of a button „
  • Blade holder supports the razor for the strength of a standard knife „
  • Gutting blade opens game like a zipper „
  • Ergonomically shaped handle with nonslip grip prevents fatigue during long periods of use „
  • Quality nylon belt sheath with BladeBox™ „
  • Use included BladeBox™ to safely store additional blades when not in use

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