Rut Tracker – Tracking The Whitetail Rut: September 2021


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Rut Tracker - Tracking The Whitetail Rut: September 2021 -

Rut Tracker – Tracking The Whitetail Rut: September 2021 – The Big news this month is the velvet is off and the bucks are showing “hard horns”, and shortening days, has hunters thinking “Bowseason”.   Shortened days (photoperiodism) starts the testosterone flowing which gradually increases until whitetail bucks fulfill their mission to reproduce the species. The Rut meter is showing just a smidge of Rut behavior at around 2%, but the stage is being set for the biggest show of the whitetail year in just a few weeks. Antlers shred bark, branches get licked and the ground is pawed, and the best show on earth is just ahead. Don’t be fooled by the occasional rub or scrape, they are nothing more than stage props, the rut curtain has not yet risen, food is what the big boys are all about in September and early October. The buck (and does) you want are still busy packing on the pounds getting ready for the upcoming marathon of the Whitetail Rut.

Whitetails are primarily driven by food in September and October before the big show

Food Driven

The whitetail woods are loaded with food and the deer are all over it, calculated hunters are scouting out food sources in hopes of catching a mature buck with a mouth full of apples, or acorns, or turnips, or the hundred other deer foods that are available in early fall. Fall food plots are getting prime and the deer are covered up with food, they are packing on the pounds making ready for the whitetail rut and winter ahead. The educated hunter takes advantage of a whitetails need to feed (6-8 times per day). The big bucks are still in their late summer feeding patterns and can be caught with their guard down. Pattern that buck with Stealth Cam in combination with our Lowdown viewers to catch a glimpse of him before he knows he is being hunted is key, he is moving from food to food but he’ll smarten up soon enough and disappear before you know it as the rut draws near. Don’t waste your time with rut tactics just yet, smart hunters are hunting food, food and food The rut you are waiting on is as much doe dependent as it depends on the bucks. Does will not be interested in bucks until many weeks from now as we follow the ebbs and flows of the Rut Tracker.

Rut Tracker - Tracking The Whitetail Rut: September 2021 -
Getting the bead on a big Mature Buck in this phase of the Rut Tracker, has to do with being very patient and hunting over his preferred food source.
Rut Tracker - Tracking The Whitetail Rut: September 2021 -

Waiting on Go for the Rut

  • September is the time to get your gear ready to go. Don’t wait till the night before the season.
  • Get out to your local retailer and order now!
  • Bowhunters need to spend some time getting the kinks out and “sharpening up” their shooting (and their broadheads) for the upcoming season. Also getting their Outdoor Edge Knives ready for the woods.
  • Keeping a tight inventory list of target animals is very easy to do with our LowDown Viewers in our back packs
  • Having a great pair of optics in your pack is essential we rely on our Burris Optics Droptine Binoculars
  • Staying sharp and ready for the moment of truth with realistic reps with our archery gear on our Big Shot Targets

Rut Tracker – Tracking The Whitetail Rut: September 2021 – Hunting this September Rut Meter you will need to be very patient in your hunting methods and access to and from stands is as critical as hunting the late season to leave as little trace that these deer are being hunted.

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