Rut Tracker – Tracking The Whitetail Rut: October 2021

By Stephen Mack

Rut Tracker – Tracking The Whitetail Rut: October 2021- The rut meter is still reading a puny 5%. We have a long way to go before we start hunting the rut. We expect Inside Archerys rut meter to steadily climb but for now it is staying put, some early scrapes and rubs and soft chases won’t move the meter, neither will a few young bucks pushing each other around in a food plot, after 25 years of watching the rut develop Inside Archery’s rut tracking team knows the difference between a bunch of “soft sign” and the rut we are waiting for.

From now until mid October, it is all about food in the whitetail woods, acorns and apples are everywhere and food plots are in full production, this week it’s all about hunting food. Don’t waste your time hunting scrapes and rubs or anything else associated with testosterone driven bucks. The deer woods are full of food and that’s where the smart hunters are spending their time, most of the scrapes are visited after dark and you are probably looking at last week’s rubs. Spend your time patterning bucks, find where the bedding areas are and what he is having for dinner, pattern his travel patterns and be there when he shows up. Right now, deer hunting is all about food and Hunting evenings when the wind is perfect. 

Many hunters gear up for the early days of November, when often they have already missed the greatest opportunities of the year. Where will a mature buck be in November? Who knows! Is he cruising in and around your own land, your neighbor’s land…or potentially 2 miles away after having difficulty finding a receptive doe in your area? As the rut expands into early November, so do the number of options for a buck’s mid-rut wanderings; but that does not typically apply to the last 15 days of October. The steps needed to take advantage of this period of the season may seem simple, however they involve quite a bit of preparation, patience and timing.

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