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Rut Tracker – Tracking The Whitetail Rut – RUT ON!

ByInside Archery

Nov 9, 2023

Are you calling off work this week or next week to spend your days in the stand? ITS GO TIME! We are announcing RUT ON next week, with the rut meter sitting around 75% this week. Doe are coming into estrus this week, and the bucks know it. Bucks are moving all day, waiting for that doe to be ready to go. Deer are on the move, following food and looking for action. All your practice comes down to now! Good luck and happy hunting.

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Rut Trackers Tools You Should Be Using NOW

Stealth Cam – Stealth Cam’s all-new DECEPTOR cell camera raises the technology bar yet again by merging two network carriers (AT&T and Verizon) in a single unit. With preinstalled SIM cards for both carriers, and its auto-detect feature that senses the best available signal, the DECEPTOR is better able to overcome changing signal propagation and maintain a link between camera and mobile device. Also included is an ON DEMAND function, allowing near-real-time image and video through the Stealth Cam Command Pro app. Images are captured in resolutions from 4MP to 40MP, with full-sound video captured at QHD 1440p. The 36-piece NoGlo LED array provides detection and flash range to 80 feet, combined with .4-second trigger speed and adjustable 5- to 180-second recovery timeout. The data stamp includes time, date, moon phase, temperature, and camera name.
See stealthcam.com

Lowdown Viewer – The newest Lowdown Viewer is packed with advanced features that make viewing trail camera images and videos while in the field even faster and easier. The refined Lowdown Viewer includes two full-sized SD card ports (one for captured images and videos, a second for storage) that are compatible with cards up to 128GB each. The generous 9-inch screen and new Scroll Bar feature allows moving through a loaded SD card quickly with the swipe of a finger. The new Snap Shot feature also allows users to pause videos or zoom in on a still image and move the single-frame snapshot or enlarged image to the save card. The Lowdown Viewer can also be used to format SD cards and a new Navigator Help System instructional video is now built right into the Viewer, making it easier to get started. The unit is rechargeable at home or in a vehicle.
Learn more at lowdownviewer.com

Odin’s Innovations – Odin’s environmentally-friendly, time-release scent pellets have gained quick favor with serious hunters by offering an easier, longer-lasting, and mess-free way to deploy hunting scents. Animals will not consume the pellets, so legally are not considered bait, the synthetic scents lasting up to 30 days with a single application and the pellets biodegradable to leave no litter. Dominate Buck, Doe-In-Estrous and Scrape Mix have proven hugely popular, but newer offerings have been introduced for bear and hog hunting. Newer examples include Sweet Corn, Cherry Pie, Jelly Donut, Peanut Butter and Vanilla, just as examples. Odin’s has also introduced Citronella scented pellets to help keep mosquitoes and others biting insects at bay while occupying stands or blinds.
See odinsinnovations.com.  

Vapor Trail Scents – The Vapor Maker scent dispersal system by Vapor Trail Scents includes a 12-ounce, pump-up atomizing, scent eliminating and attractant dispensing system that will help any hunter combat human odors while in the field. It includes a 3-foot-long hose that allows hunters to spray down their entire body, including their back. It features an adjustable valve at the end of the hose that allows users to have complete control while spraying, meaning that hunters can spray down from head to toe in approximately 10 seconds and not miss any spots. The 33 Point Buck is the only scent eliminator and attractant in one on the market today, and when paired with The Vapor Maker makes an awesome hunting tool. The best part of 33 Point Buck—it is all natural, made only from plants growing around the company’s Mississippi/ Louisiana hometown.
See vaportrailscents.com. 

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