SlickTrick WickedTrick: Deadliest Broadhead Gets Wicked

SlickTrick is one of the leading broadhead companies on the  market with field-point accuracy and a powerful punch that leaves short blood trails. SlickTrick continues to deliver on those promises with the new-for-2018 WickedTrick.

The WickedTrick builds on the popular and award-winning ViperTrick platform, with a cut-on-contact stainless steel ferrule. The .035” thick, 1 1/16” main blade combines with a .035” thick 1 1/25” bleeder blade, to deliver nearly 2.5” inches of cutting surface on the fixed blade broadhead. The all-stainless-steel construction delivers a corrosion and worry-free broadhead that hunters can rely on shot after shot. The famed SlickTrick Alcatraz BladeLock system ensures that shedding blades are a thing of the past for SlickTrick users.

“As many bowhunters know, SlickTrick is second-to-none when it comes to field point accuracy, even at long ranges,” said Paul Vaicunas of SlickTrick Broadheads. “The WickedTrick continues that tradition and delivers the precise shooting experience, reliability, and massive wound channels that SlickTrick users know and love.”

SlickTrick is well known for the revolutionary Gary Cooper design of a super short broadhead. Gary was also well known for delivering high-quality products that the everyday working man could afford. Gary’s legacy lives on in the WickedTrick and the complete lineup of SlickTrick’s broadhead designs. See the complete 2018 lineup from SlickTrick by visiting SlickTrick’s website.

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