WebXtra November: Quivers

WebXtra: Quivers

By Patrick Meitin

Every bowhunter needs a safe and convenient place to store arrows. The bow quiver has proven the most popular design with bowhunters since Fred Bear developed them in the late 1940s, as it keeps equipment bundled into one convenient package and arrows handy, while also protecting broadhead edges from dulling and archers safe from injury. Bow quivers come in three distinct styles; two-piece/bolt-on, one-piece/bolt-on and one-piece/quick-detachable. Each bowhunter has a preference for one of these styles, most often based on the kind of hunting they do most, treestand verses spot-and-stalk hunting, for instance. Quivers have continued to evolve with the times, new designs built to accommodate mechanical broadheads, others for skinnier arrows, still others for today’s shorter compound bow models. To follow are some of the latest designs engineered to make your customers’ bowhunting endeavors more efficient and enjoyable.


 Quivers: Alpine Archery Power Loc Ultralite

Alpine Archery

The Power Loc Ultralite Quiver from Alpine Archery weighs only 6.75 ounces. The new one-piece, removable Power Loc Ultralite 4 Quiver combines features proven on the Soft Loc Quiver, but improvements make it quieter. The patented rubber mounting system remains, but with the new design, when the quiver is removed the latching system comes with it so there is no chance of unwanted noise or vibration. The Power Loc’s innovative roll-and-lock latch holds it securely in place, the streamlined hood containing silencing foam. The system allows vertical adjustment for balance and its single gripper accepts all arrow diameters. It includes a treestand hanging loop.


Quivers: Gamechanger

Apex Gear

The Gamechanger Quiver from Apex Gear allows customizing bow balance with a few simple adjustments. The adjustable mounting bracket moves the quiver tight against the riser to reduce torque, up and down, while the off-set, tilting bracket also sets the quiver well behind the sight/riser for superior balance. The frame of this one-piece, removable quiver is machined aluminum, holding dual grippers and a compact, lightweight hood. The entire quiver received a Tru-Touch soft-feel technical coating. The ingenious mounting system allows instant, one-hand removal. Double grippers securely hold a wide variety of shaft diameters. The hood accommodates all broadhead styles and includes an aluminum hanging loop.


Quivers: Nitrix

Archer Xtreme

Archer Xtreme adds the new one-piece, removable Nitrix Quiver to its innovative accessory lineup. The 14-ounce Nitrix Quiver includes Drop Rack Technology (XDR), a carbon spine attached to the arrow rack that allows the hunter to adjust the quiver for any length arrow. It also dampens noise and vibration. The Nitrix can be quickly adjusted from 11.5 to 17.5 inches. The rubber gripper secures any arrow from the thinnest carbon to fattest aluminum. The hood features a grilled gate that allows viewing of broadheads, an over-molded (TPR) point insert secures broadheads by the tip only, to keep edges sharp. The articulating mounting system can be adjusted tight to the riser to assure better balance. A steel cable adjustable D-loop allows hanging the quiver once on stand, while the gripper locking system allows quick, one-handed removal of arrows. Look for them in 4- and 6-arrow configurations.


Quivers: Lynx 4

Bohning Archery

The Lynx 4 Quiver from Bohning Archery is likely familiar with many retailers. This simple, affordable, lightweight and compact quiver has remained popular through the years. The single-piece, detachable design is perfect for treestand hunts and holds four shafts of any size, including the newest skinny arrows from Easton, Bloodsport and Victory Archery. New this year, the Lynx 4 can now be customized to match customers’ gear, including five different color arrow-gripper and two new hood options. Look for it in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country and Realtree Xtra, along with red, blue, green, purple, orange or pink rubber grippers. Updating an existing Lynx 4 quiver with colored retainers costs only $9.50.


Quivers: Vector XT

Fuse Accessories

The all-new Vector XT from FUSE uses exchangeable StealthBand Technology to kill noise and vibrations. StealthBands come in eight color options (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and white) to customize any outfit. The Vector XT includes a precision machined-aluminum, hyper-light frame including an integrated mounting system that is rock solid, simple, quick and silent. The easy-on, easy-off hard-locking system is perfect for treestand hunting, and the quiver comes with a hanging loop. Double grippers offer a universal fit for all arrow diameters and broadhead types, the hood also includes dead-silent, soft-touch finish for further vibration and noise reduction. They’re offered in 4- or 6-arrow configurations and in Black Out, Realtree Max-1 or Xtra, and Next G2 multi-purpose camouflage.


Quivers: Head-Loc

G5 Outdoors

G5 Outdoors’ Head-Loc Quiver is offered in crossbow, Realtree AP, Pink or Black versions and holds six arrows/bolts in a quickly-detachable, one-piece design. The molded hood includes a “ballistic-cloth” covering, making it super quiet and tough. The dual rubber grippers are designed to hold any diameter arrow or bolt and are especially handy for mechanical broadhead designs, though it works as well for fixed-blade heads. The lever-lock system makes it instantly removable. The rubber mounting post and overall construction provides dampening qualities for any bow design. The overall design is extremely lightweight and rugged and comes standard with a screw-in tree mount to keep it handy while hunting from a treestand.


Quivers: Carbon Black Hi-5

Kwikee Kwiver

The Kwikee Carbon Black Hi-5 Quiver from Kwikee Kwiver is a one-piece, removable quiver that holds five arrows in double grippers and weighs only 10.6 ounces. This USA-made quiver is 14 inches long and is designed to accommodate a wide range of arrow diameters. The quiver holds arrows securely on the way into the stand, but can be quickly removed once installed and attached to the tree while hunting via the company’s screw-in Bracket Kaddy. The Hi-5’s mounting-bracket design is new but works with older-style brackets. The dual rubber grippers make it ideal with mechanical heads, but also serves for fixed-blade broadheads. The stem and hood are made from tough polymer that helps to dampen bow vibrations.


Quivers: TAQ5


The new TAQ5 Quiver from Muzzy is a low profile, ultra-lightweight, one-piece/ detachable bow quiver that holds five arrows, the hood includes three Picatinny rails to hold accessories such as lights and POV cameras. The TAQ5 weighs less than 8 ounces and is constructed with extremely strong but lightweight materials, including extruded aluminum and advanced polymers. The aluminum frame is securely mounted to the riser through a two-position SnapTrap system that incorporates a pair of rubber vibration-dampening posts to isolate the quiver from the bow. Removing the quiver requires a silent 40-degree twist. The quiver is 12.5 inches tall and 6 inches wide. The hood has a sound-dampening polymer construction and is designed to hold both fixed-blade or mechanical broadheads with diameters up to 1.25 inches wide. Small cups anchor the tip of each broadhead, keeping edges sharp. The tapered arrow gripper securely holds any diameter arrow.


Quivers: Deadlock Pro


The Deadlock Pro from Octane, a division of Bowtech, is made with super durable and lightweight stout carbon material. The ultra-quiet one-piece, detachable quiver can be adjusted to be closer to the riser for better balance. The Deadlock holds arrows of any size and equipped with any style broadhead. Its longer length supports arrows over a longer axis to eliminate fletching rattle. The extra-long rubber grippers increase arrow retention while traversing heavy brush or lashed to an ATV, just as examples. The proprietary Octane arm-locking system is quiet and allows the quiver to be removed and returned quickly, while completely eliminating vibrations while shooting. Look for it in carbon black.


Quivers: Dual X

PSE Archery

The PSE five-arrow Dual X Quiver includes a machined-aluminum frame that creates a stout but lightweight platform with no moving parts to rattle or vibrate during the shot. This alone makes the once-piece, detachable Dual X extremely quiet in the field. Two mounting posts are easy to install and manipulate, allowing the quiver to be locked into place and removed easily, but without worry of the quiver getting loose while hunting or shooting. The dual rubber arrow grippers securely hold arrows thin or fat, and allow installing mechanical broadheads without the possibility of prematurely-deployed blades. The contoured, open hood design includes a foam insert that works for fixed-blade heads as well as mechanicals.


Quivers: Rage Cage


The Rage Cage Quiver was designed especially for Rage mechanical broadheads, but works equally well for other mechanicals and fixed-blade heads. The one-piece, removable quiver is ultra-compact and low profile with feathery mass. The quiver holds five arrows via dual rubber grippers. The tapered slots accommodate a wide variety of shaft diameters. Extruded aluminum and advanced polymer construction offer an ideal combination of strength and light weight. TwistLock broadhead-securing system locks broadheads in the hood inside specially-designed foam inserts, preventing rattling or prematurely-deployed blades. The Snap-Trap mounting bracket anchors the quiver securely but allows fast, easy removal when needed. A clear hood skirt allows viewing broadheads at any time, and helps guiding them into the special slots more precisely. They are offered in Realtree AP camouflage and black.


Quivers: BC Quiver

Rancho Safari

Rancho Safari’s new BC Quiver is unlike anything seen before. Based on the time-proven Catquiver, the BCQ doesn’t use arrow grippers. The two-piece design includes ABS-plastic fletching hood and broadhead cradle. Arrows pressure fit between nock and tip so shaft diameter makes no difference. Both hood and cradle are vertically adjustable to accommodate any arrow-broadhead combination and both are covered with silent fleece. The enclosed hood hides bright fletchings, keeps feathers safe from the elements and eliminates wind buffeting. Broadheads are held by the tips, keeping cutting edges fresh and preventing premature mechanical-head opening. The design allows setting the bow on the ground or pushing it ahead during hands-and-knees stalks without damaging fletchings or creating noise. The BCQ is especially handy for crossbows. The tough nylon-filled carbon brackets are built to last.


Quivers: 3-Arrow Quiver

Tight Spot

TightSpot introduces the new 3-Arrow quiver. This extremely lightweight and compact model was designed for treestand hunting, and is also compatible with your favorite crossbow with the addition of the new universal crossbow bracket. The quiver sits along the bow’s centerline for better balance. The quick-draw system allows for fast follow-up shots. It’s constructed with indestructible space-age polymer. The hood is deep enough to conceal any broadhead design and is lined with acoustic dampening material for silence. The hood design won’t dull blades or accidentally deploy mechanical broadheads. TailFan gripper design assures vanes won’t rattle, while the solid quick-detach system allows one-hand removal. It’s offered in Matte Black, Lost Camo, Realtree Xtra and Max-1 and Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity; and an “Iron Clad Guarantee.”


Quivers: Lite-1

Trophy Ridge

Trophy Ridge’s Lite-1 is lightweight and equipped with green LED lights to help bowhunters make it safely into a stand (three on top of the hood) or return arrows to the quiver in low light (one inside hood). The Lite-1 is a one-piece, removable quiver weighing 11 ounces. It includes quick-detach mounting hardware. The customizable mounting bracket allows adjustments for height, while an integrated hanging rope allows hanging the entire bow with quiver attached, or just the quiver. Ballistix Copolymer construction offers aluminum strength with less weight, while also offering superior dampening qualities. Dual arrow grippers accommodate any diameter shaft and eliminate broadhead-blade contact to keep edges sharp. They’re offered in black or Realtree camo to match Bear Archery compound bows.


Quivers: Quivalizer

Trophy Taker

Trophy Taker’s aptly-named Quivalizer reduces bow weight, improves bow balance and increases aiming stability at full draw by turning the quiver into a stabilizer. No-tool, quick release connections allow the Quivalizer to be used like a one-piece quiver that is clipped to the riser side for storage or transport, but it can be silently moved into the stabilizing/shooting position in seconds. The Quivalizer offers a longer-than-average stabilizer that also helps store quiver and arrow weight on the correct side of the bow, while keeping bow weight to a minimum. The Quivalizer is easily converted for left- or right-hand shooters and allows arrows to be stored on either side of the stabilizer, left/right adjustment permits fine-tuning full-draw bow balance. The Quivalizer allows customers to shoot a lighter, better-balanced bow.


Quivers: TRU-TEC LT Aluminum Archery Quiver


The one-piece, removable TRU-TEC LT Aluminum Archery Quiver from TRUGLO is lightweight and durable and holds skinny carbons or higher-diameter aluminum, and fixed-blade or mechanical broadheads equally well. The Positive-Lock Mounting System offers smooth, one-handed removal and ultra-secure attachment, the mounting bracket adjusts vertically to find optimum bow balance. The rubber hood insert reduces noise and won’t dull broadheads, an optional push-button LED light (sold separately) illuminates the hood interior while returning arrows in low light. A hanging loop keeps the quiver handy in treestand settings. They’re offered in black, Realtree Xtra or Lost Camo. All include five color-matching vibration-dampening inserts to coordinate with other TRUGLO gear and bow accessories. The quiver weighs less than 10 ounces and is covered with a Tru-Touch soft-feel technical coating.

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