CenterPoint Archery: Industry 5Q WebXtra

Velocity Outdoor is the parent company of a handful of leading brands in the outdoor industry, including Crosman, Benjamin Airguns, CenterPoint Archery and—most recently—Ravin Crossbows. Velocity Outdoor launched CenterPoint Archery in 2016 and is popularly known for their award winning Sniper 370 crossbow.

Inside Archery spoke with Kevin Casey, assistant product manager of Velocity Outdoor’s archery category, to learn more about the latest developments from CenterPoint Archery, which promise big things for consumers, dealers and the industry at large. The company’s philosophy is to develop and build feature-rich crossbows in each price-point category. CenterPoint Archery stands out with their outstanding customer service and high-performing products that are affordable for consumers. CenterPoint Archery is focused on expanding their product line and increasing brand awareness through creative marketing. Since Velocity Outdoor has recently acquired Ravin Crossbows, they will be able to combine the knowledge from both companies to evolve their products.

Today CenterPoint crossbows are known for their high quality and premium performance. Their most recent launches include the revolutionary CP400 and the AMPED 415. The CP400 is their most compact crossbow and utilizes the HeliCoil technology. It also includes a custom-designed riser, CNC-machined cam system and adjustable stock. The CP400’s extremely narrow axle-to-axle width is an incredible 6-inches when fully-drawn, produces speeds of up to 400 fps and generates a knock-out punch of up to 142 fps.

The AMPED 415 includes the Whisper Silencing System for the ultimate noise reduction and vibration control and measures only 12 inches axle-to-axle. This crossbow delivers an incredible 415 fps speeds and features a CNC-machined cam system, aluminum rail, anti-dry fire and auto safety, an adjustable stock and 4x32mm scope. Learn more by visiting CenterPoint Archery’s website.

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