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High Altitude Archery is an archery pro shop owned by Paul and Kerstin Williams located in Longmont, Colorado dedicated to creating a friendly environment where beginner archers can get a solid foundation, recreational archers can take their shooting to a new level, and competitive archers can train to become a nationally ranked athlete. This shop understands archery is a balance of mental and physical training. They believe that the archer’s abilities come first and their equipment merely supports their skill set.

High Altitude Archery was established in 2012 and is modeled after the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California to help archers focus on the art, essence and presence of archery. This shop strives to have archers of all ages succeed and achieve their personal goals. It is housed in an 11,000 square foot facility currently undergoing renovations to expand to 16,000 square feet. The shop includes an indoor range with 37 lanes that go out to 20 yards, and it employs three full-time workers and six part-time employees. They carry popular brands such as Xpedition, Diamond, Galaxy, Hoyt, Easton, Carbon Express, and Gold Tip. Close to 60 percent of the shop’s annual revenue comes directly from services that are provided and product sales account for the remainder 40 percent.

High Altitude Archery has a unique marketing approach that consistently draws in new archers and directly contributes to the success of the shop. They market as more of a recreational business and don’t think of other archery shops as competitors. Instead, they review the marketing efforts of their “real competitors” such as crossfit gyms, martial arts studios and yoga studios.

“I keep an eye on what they’re doing in order to market my business, and I try to make sure that we are an option in that same marketplace,” said Paul Williams. High Altitude Archery primarily markets through Facebook, Google AdWords, and advertising in local papers. The shop also hosts open houses a couple times a year and summer camps in hopes of creating returning customers interested in the sport. The shop’s website and e-newsletter also plays a huge role because this is how most customers get a first look at the shop itself. Customers can book lessons online and view the product catalog. High Altitude Archery has seen steady growth in the past three years, and continuously draws in new archers to get passionate about the sport. Learn more at High Altitude Archery’s website.

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