WebXtra December: Industry 5Q with Doc’s Deer Scents

Doc's Deer Scents

Some additional questions:

Q: What separates Doc’s Deer Scents from the competition?

A: There are a lot of good scent companies out there, but what we feel sets us apart is our attention to detail in every facet of what we do.  Our products have been speaking for themselves with their unrivaled purity and quality since their inception in 1998 – we will never let that falter.  We are 100% committed to customer service.   As we say, our hours are 7 days a week “sun-up until lights-out!”  That’s not just a saying, it’s the truth.  With a 4 year old son and a 16 month old daughter, that’s usually about 18 hours a day that we are available to our customers.  Shari can tell you of many conversations we’ve had with hunters calling at 10:45pm on a Wednesday night with questions about how or when or why to use a product. It happens quite often and we do our best to accommodate.

Q: Is there a certain philosophy that has defined your business from the very beginning?

A:  “Don’t focus on getting bigger, focus on getting better.  If we get better, our customers will demand that we get bigger.” – S.Truett Cathy, Founder of Chick-fil-A.  Controlled growth is a key to success.  We are trying to build a brand and a legacy that Kason and Layton (our kids) can inherit.  It’s not a sprint – it’s a marathon!

About Doc’s Deer Scents
Doc's Deer Scents

From Doc’s Deer Scents “About Us” page:

We started our farm with four doe in 1995 and have since grown to over 200 well-kept and calm deer!! Careful planning and lots of hard work to say the least, but because here at DOC’S we make the extra effort, it definitely pays off when it comes time each fall to start collecting our pure & fresh natural scents!!

We’re so concerned about scents at DOC’S, our deer herd is maintained in actual wooded pens where they can eat, nibble and browse on real acorns, oak leaves and other natural deer foods. Corn is also added as a supplement to their normal feed because here at DOC’S once again, we understand the importance of what goes in our tame herd must replicate what the wild deer are eating. What goes in their mouths will be the same smell coming out! Trust what we say, it makes a huge difference!

Because we have our own bottle-fed and people friendly deer herd, we can absolutely control everything they eat for the urine that we collect, bottle and label! All of our scents are from our own deer herd and our own state-of-the- art urine collection facilities! Here at DOC’S we are so confident about our procedures, from A-Z collecting our scents that we aren’t afraid to tell and show you the precise measures your bottle of DOC’S scent goes through before you buy it! Compare our procedures against all others and you’ll be able to see how regimented we are at DOC’S, versus our competitors! DOC’S scents are 100% real or it wouldn’t carry our name on the bottle!!

DOC’S Deer Scents introduces not only by far the largest Urine Scent Collection/Manufacturing Facility in the world today, but also more importantly the most technologically advanced state-of-the-art urine production facility ever constructed!!!

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