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RAW Frozen Scents is using the latest technology and out-of-the-box thinking to make remarkably effective scents. RAW Frozen scents flash freezes their scents immediately after collection, so it doesn’t decompose and stays fresh. There are no added preservatives changing the scent profile thanks to this innovative technique. It is 100% pure with no added water, which also can change the profile of the scent. Deer can detect these small profile changes. RAW Frozen scents works with veterinarians to develop a synchronization process to allow whitetail deer to go into heat any time of the year, so they can collect estrus urine just prior to hunting season.

RAW has an independent lab that tests the urine to make sure it is over 30 pg/mL, enough to fire up those mature bucks. These tests have also tested many of the other leading estrus scent manufacturers and have found that there isn’t a trace of estrogen in their products. RAW Frozen Scents have also been tested with different bucks proving that they’ve shown a significant increase in interest in RAW rather than other leading products. Bucks will come quicker, be more aggressive and stay longer than ever before. RAW Frozen Scents offers four unique scent products including Peak Estrus, Mature Buck Urine, Scrape Lure and Calming Scent.

Inside Archery spoke with Elam Lapp Jr., owner of RAW Frozen Scents, to learn more about this company’s unique approach and potent products. This year, RAW is anticipating on releasing an innovative product called Body Blast.

“After years of research and development with our vets, we learned that there is more to a doe’s smell than her urine. When we walked in our barn each day, we would notice a mild sweet smell that came off their bodies,” stated Elam Lapp Jr.

Deer give off a distinctive pheromone when they are in heat. RAW has managed to capture this scent making this the first ever “body scent.” They collect this body odor into an absorbent wick, which is then frozen and preserved like their other products. A deer’s sense of smell is every bit as important as their sight, and use it for detecting danger, communication and to find does in heat.

“Body Blast is effective because it combines the natural body scent of a deer—which can have a calming effect by itself—with the pheromones that does also emit while in heat,” said Lapp.

Learn more at RAW Frozen Scents’ website.

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