Hunter Safety System Celebrates Its 15-Year Anniversary


DANVILLE, Ala. (Jan. 14, 2016) — Hunter Safety System has reached a milestone this year, celebrating 15 years in business. The company continues to remain true to the original dream of its founders John Wydner, Jerry Wydner and Jim Barta of making every treestand hunting experience as safe as possible. Since 2001, the company has grown from the three owners working part-time to launch one safety harness to a company with 18 employees and more than twenty different product offerings.

“It gives me great pride in joining HSS employees, customers and business partners in celebrating the company’s 15th anniversary,” said Jerry Wydner, president and owner. “We have come a long way since our first harness, yet we continue our focus on ensuring the safety of hunters.

“We will continue to develop and offer products that will keep our hunters coming home to their family and friends after each hunt. That is what we do,” Wydner said.

When Hunter Safety System launched its company 15 years ago, it opened a new category in the hunting industry. Today, Hunter Safety System is a household name among those who hunt. Since its inception, the company has set the standard for innovative, state-of-the-art safety harnesses. This tradition continues today.

Headquartered in Danville, Ala., Hunter Safety System is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative treestand hunting safety equipment and deer hunting gear for the serious hunter. For additional information, write to: The Hunter Safety System, 8237 Danville Road, Danville, AL 35619; call toll-free 877-296-3528; or visit

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