Hunter’s Outlet Archery Center: Inside Retailing WebXtra

Hunter’s Outlet Archery Center is the historic shop that created the legendary TenPoint. Their headquarters are located in Mogadore, Ohio ran by owners, Rick Bednar, JoAnna Rolenz and Cindy Shaffer. This shop was originally called Portage Archery Center and was founded by Bill and Edith Bednar in 1963. Bill and Edith’s children entered the business in 1985, along with their nephew, Tim Vandegrift, who serves as the shop’s general manager. The owners went on to create TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, but the shop remained and thrives as it always has.

Hunter’s Outlet Archery Center is housed in a 16,500-square-foot building with 10 indoor shooting lanes that extend to 20 yards. There are two full-time employees and three part-time employees along with Vandegrift as manager. They stock top brands such as Hoyt, PSE, Bear, Tenpoint, Wicked Ridge, Horton, Easton, Victory, Gold Tip and Carbon Express. A majority of revenue comes directly from equipment sales and the range and leagues account for the remainder.

Hunter’s Outlet Archery Center is a full-service archery dealer, but still works with TenPoint on a regular basis. The building houses the warranty and customer service departments making them a wealth of information for crossbow seekers. Crossbows are a large part of Hunter’s Outlet’s business and sell many of TenPoint’s “demo bows.” This shop also offers crossbow repair services and they are especially specialized in TenPoint Crossbows since they work closely to their warranty department.  

Much of the business that comes in is through word-of-mouth with a bit of Facebook advertising. Hunter’s Outlet does a ton of service work throughout the hunting season with reasonable time limits and enforced rates. Up to 70% of their revenue comes through the hunting season, in just 3 months, driving them for the remainder of the year. They run leagues three nights a week with 40 people and Saturdays for 120 children to keep busy throughout the year.

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