Spot Shooter Archery: Inside Retailing WebXtra

Spot Shooter Archery began in a small bedroom in the basement of Jim and Bibi Beasley’s home in 2002, and since then has grown into the incredible 2,500 square foot building it occupies today. Spot Shooter Archery also now has a 16-foot Team Spot Shooter trailer that acts as a travel archery store that travels to archery shows throughout Michigan.

Spot Shooter Archery has an impressive team of employees they call their Team Spot Shooters. These employees work part-time during the off-season then switch to full-time as they enter into hunting season to keep up with the demand. These members get discounts and perks from the store, and they are hard at work during special events and avidly promote the shop during competitions and other archery events. Each one comes with their own unique background in archery, making this team experienced, knowledgeable, passionate and most of all helpful and pleasant for their customers.

Spot Shooter Archery carries many of the top brands of archery equipment including Hoyt, PSE, Bear, TenPoint, Ravin, Excalibur, Carbon Express and Easton. They also help local archery clubs by donating prizes and selling targets and merchandise at wholesale costs. In return they receive referred customers for their archery needs.

Spot Shooter Archery doesn’t stop there though. The team is avidly working on expanding to include an indoor shooting area and recently launched their custom line of bowstrings called Killer Beez Strings. Killer Beez Strings has allowed customers of Spot Shooter Archery to pick the color of their custom string that is pre-stretched then installed on their bow. They’ve also incorporated bait and tackle equipment, and happens to be the sole shop in the area open at six am, seven days a week. Learn more at Spot Shooter Archery’s website.

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