Archery Traditions of Oklahoma: Inside Retailing WebXtra

Archery Traditions of Oklahoma is a family owned archery pro shop operated by the owner Ken Wilkins, his wife, daughter and brother. The shop’s mission is to promote archery and give people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to enjoy the sport. This pro shop offers an indoor range with 16 extremely wide shooting lanes allowing customers to shoot traditional, compound, and crossbows. Archers can also enjoy shooting at their unique indoor 3-D range with over 20 targets representing the state of Oklahoma.

Archery Traditions of Oklahoma is housed in an 11,000 square foot facility with 8,000 square feet dedicated to 27 lanes going out to 20 yards. The rest of the facility is used for the pro shop with a full inventory of traditional bows and accessories for all price points and skill levels. They carry popular brands such as Bear, Galaxy, Genesis, Hoyt, Black Eagle, Carbon Express, Easton, and Gold Tip. About 50 percent of the shops revenue comes from equipment sales leaving the rest from lessons, events and range time.

Archery Traditions of Oklahoma has worked closely with SCORE and the Small Business Development Center to help jumpstart their success. SCORE is a nationwide program that helps entrepreneurs succeed with their small business. Business leaders volunteer their time to work with locals to help them with planning, start-up expenses, projected income, etc. Once Ken Wilkins came up with a solid business plan, he took it to Rose State College, attended a few classes, then took advantage of their Small Business Development Center to finalize and perfect his business plan. Since then the shop has thrived as the main traditional archery shop in their area. Learn more at Archery Traditions of Oklahoma’s website.

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