QuickFire Productions: Industry 5Q WebXtra June

As the internet and the digital products that accompany it continue to grow in popularity and influence, start-ups and established companies alike must tap into this goliath of a medium to stay relevant. We were fortunate enough to talk with Kelsey Scholes of QuickFire Productions for our June issue of Inside Archery and learn about how she and the QuickFire team are making waves in the outdoor industry with their cutting-edge digital productions.

Unlike other production companies, QuickFire focuses solely on the hunting, outdoor and shooting-sports industry. Their team members are experts at filming, editing and production, and they’re all outdoorsmen to boot.

They employ some of the latest digital media technology, including a drone for aerial filming, a 360-degree imaging machine that provides interactive photography, and the ability to produce 3-D animations and music from scratch.

Yet their fast turnover is perhaps their greatest quality. It generally takes about two weeks from their initial meeting with a client to have a film ready to go. They’ve even managed to make one of their high quality videos in just three days.

All in all this is a company to keep an eye on.

Check out these photos of the QuickFire team hard at work and an example of one of their amazing productions.

Quickfire Team
From left, Ryan Barstow, Kelsey Scholes, Ben Ridgway and Jay Summers.


Quickfire 1
Project editor Ryan Barstow shoots footage for Explore Bowhunting.


Quickfire 2
Project coordinator Ben Ridgway shoots footage at the ATA Trade Show’s Retail Growth Initiative area.


Quickfire 4
Filming at the Quickfire in-house studio.


Quickfire 7
Filming onsite.

Learn more at quickfirenow.com.

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