WebXtra June: Inside Retailing with Taos Archery Services

TaosArchery2-TeijoWorkingOnBow copy

Teijo Villa is the owner of Tao’s Archery Service in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He was selected as the subject of our recent Inside Retailing column because his shop is a prime example of a pro shop that turns steady profits from high-end tuning.

The term ‘laser precision’ has been so overused that it’s practically become a cliché. Many businesses and products tout this quality, yet few can actually live up to it. The recent subject of Inside Archery’s Inside Retailing, Teijo Villa, actually does harness laser precision for incredibly accurate bow tuning.

“I use five different lasers for bow tuning,” Villa said. “Everything is right down to a thousandth of an inch. That’s just how I am. In my trade, I use lasers to align machinery. I might need the alignment to be .0005-inch for steam turbine, so I expect perfection. A human hair is about .002-inch thick and paper is .005-inch, so take a piece of paper and split it 20 times and you’ll get the alignment I need on a steam turbine.”


It’s truly inspiring to see how technology and passion are constantly pushing this industry to the cutting edge. Ultimately it will always come down to the particular shooter for this laser precision to manifest itself in remarkably tight groups, but it never hurts to get that extra leg up with the latest technology and techniques.

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