Behind the Scenes with Rackology: Industry 5Q WebXtra

Thanks to the education and meticulous research of Rackology founders Jason Obermiller and Eric Fitzgerald, hunters are able to optimize their food plot to create premium nutrition for their deer herd. Jason let Inside Archery behind the scenes of Rackology and what makes it so unique. Rackology produces high quality deer nutritional products that are scientifically researched and formulated by a biologist and agronomist. Jason Obermiller and Eric Fitzgerald, the biologist and agronomist respectively, have over 40 years of experience in research on deer and wildlife combined. Jason began making this product for personal purposes for starters, but as people began to learn more about his research, the industry pulled him in to give rise to Rackology. “I actually fought the idea of selling our products when approached by people who had heard about my research,” Jason explained, “I guess you could say the industry pulled us into the business.”

Rackology boasts a lot about the health of the whole ecosystem, from soil to plant to animal, and this is extremely important for growing big, healthy deer. The combinations of plants in the different blends contribute to the natural cycles that occur in nature and the soil, which leads to better soil and plant health. During Inside Archery’s interview, Jason describes how, “Eric designed our food plots to have very high germination rates, minimal competition with other plant species in the mix, the highest nutritional-value, and longevity—to name a few. We want to create an environment where your soil microbes are very happy and healthy, thus allowing for a much greater decomposition rate of the humus in your soil, which in turn releases even more nutrition.” Better nutrition for your plants means stronger, healthier deer.

Rackology strives to please their customers by providing cost-efficient, quality products that work. Their strong outdoor background and intelligence in other fields such as biology and agronomy provide a solid foundation for their blends to thrive. Jason and Eric want customers to have a pleasant experience while plotting, making it as easy and efficient as possible. They strive to produce great products that will cover a broad spectrum while still adapting to customers’ needs. Rackology plots do an excellent job making sure that their product can grow in a wide variety of soil types.

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