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Two brothers, John and Brian, started Wildlife Research Center in the 1950’s and laid the foundation for what was later to become one of America’s top brands. Wildlife Research Center works with top scientific experts and field and lab testing methods to continue to innovate reliable products that improve your performance. Inside Archery spoke with Sam Burgeson, president of Wildlife Research Center, to learn more about the company’s eye-opening findings on CWD and incredible efforts to provide safe products.

Wildlife Research Center takes steps to ensure that their products are safe to use and prevent the spread of CWD. Urine is collected at facilities that are highly regulated and continuously monitored for CWD. They participate proactively in the ATA’s Deer Protection Program to elevate their practices. This program requires increased monitoring, inspections and facility requirements going beyond the requirements by the United States Department of Agriculture, going above and beyond to ensure these urine products are safe.

Wildlife Research Center also partnered with Tink’s to fund a study with CWD Evolution, which has led to a CWD testing protocol. This protocol utilizes RT-QUIC technology designed specifically for testing deer urine. Manufacturers can use this to test deer and elk scents to ensure that no CWD is detected.

The risk of urine-based scents spreading CWD is virtually zero. Unfortunately there is a lot of misleading information driving policy and regulations forcing some states to actually ban urine-based scents. Wildlife Research Center strives to work with these states to provide them with the information and resources they need to make good decisions regarding this issue.

Learn more about their products at Wildlife Research Center’s website.

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