Rut Tracker: Tools That Got it Done: Outdoor Edge Knives

Outdoor Edge Knives – When discussing the best hunting knives on the market, it is difficult to narrow down due to the fact that there are a truly staggering amount of choices. That being said, there are essential things to understand and know about hunting knives before one can start narrowing down the options to find the best hunting knife for their needs.

The popularity of Outdoor Edges replaceable blade knife has boomed over the last several years. Originally the darling of the backcountry, hunters of all stripes have come to appreciate its utility in recent seasons.

A quality hunting knife will be versatile enough to do everything the average hunter needs and a little bit more. When you’re choosing a hunting knife, it’s important to consider how you’ll use it and the type of game you plan to hunt. Being realistic is important, as someone hunting Deer may need a different needs for their knife compared to someone hunting rabbits. Outdoor Edge Knives combine versatility and comfortability for perfect control of your knife.

Whether you choose a fixed or folding blade knife, the handle should be sturdy and feel relatively heavy in your hand. Examine the area where the knife’s blade enters the handle — this can be a point of weakness. If you choose a folding blade knife, check how the blade folds into the handle. Does it line up and move relatively easy, or do you have to force it? A quality knife should move with ease. Outdoor Edge combines The double sided thumb stud with easy, one-hand opening and the replaceable pocket clip contours with the handle so it feels like an integral part of the grip. The Razor-Lite EDC is available with orange, blue or gray handles and comes complete with six replacement blades. Replacement packs of 6 blades sold separately. Find out more at Outdoor Edge Knives

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