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Screaming Eagle Archery opened in 2008, and Chris and Beth Alderman took over in 2013. Their mission is to provide customers with the largest selection of archery equipment. Screaming Eagle has an extremely knowledgeable sales team that allows customers to make the best, unbiased decision about which products are right for the customer and a full-time instructor. The owners are very involved in their archery shop as they also serve as full-time employees. Screaming Eagle Archery strives to educate the customer and provide them with exactly what they came in for and more. “Our belief is that if our customers are better informed, they will be better archers.” Introductory and youth archery programs are held to encourage spreading the passion for archery through their professional technicians, certified instructors and shooting teams. Screaming Eagle Archery proudly holds one of the largest youth programs, and encourages everyone in the family to become part of the wonderful experience they have to offer.

Screaming Eagle currently stocks a wide variety of archery equipment including, but not limited to, Mathews, Mission, Hoyt, Bowtech, Gold Tip, Easton, and Carbon Express. The shop currently resides in a 5,200 square-foot building in Wasilla, Alaska, with about 4,000 square feet devoted to a 20-yard range with 20 lanes. Screaming Eagle Archery is built to have a fun, comfortable shooting experience. “It’s a great place to come hang out, tell stories and shoot your bow a few times. We want people to have fun when they’re here, and not feel like they’re being pushed to buy something.”

Screaming Eagle Archery has a goal of excellent customer service and an enjoyable experience for everyone, and it seems as though they have been very successful in doing so. They are motivated to spread their passion for archery with the community and want to educate other archers to better serve them wholly.

Learn more about this archery shop at Screaming Eagle Archery’s website.

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