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Bear Creek Archery opened its doors in 1989. Dave, Sandy, and Steve Marsh took over the shop in 2015. The shop is housed in a 6,000-squarefoot building with one story with 16 shooting lanes that reach 30 yards. Including the three owners, the shop is staffed by five full-time and five part-time employees. About 75 percent of the shop’s annual revenue is generated by bowhunting gear, stocking popular brands such as Hoyt, Mathews, Mission, Elite, New Breed, PSE, Bowtech, Easton, Beman, Victory, etc.

Since the current owners took over in 2015, the entire shop has been rearranged and remodeled. One of the biggest changes was to the target wall. They’ve filled it with Rinehart targets and installed a camera system. There are some big-screen TVs hanging from the ceiling a few feet in front of the shooting line, and the cameras are fixed on the targets. When someone is shooting, they can look at the TV and see exactly where they hit. People like it a lot, and it’s something that makes Bear Creek Archery unique.

In addition to JOAD teams and adult programs, Bear Creek Archery also runs a program called the Adaptive Archery Program working with Veterans Affairs in order to teach disabled vets how to shoot with special archery equipment.

“I’ve taught right-arm amputees how to shoot, and right now I’m working with a woman who had a stroke and can’t use her right arm. She’s making fantastic progress, and that’s why we’re so proud of this program.” – Dave Marsh

Bear Creek Archery offers genuine customer service, any brand a customer could want, and programs for anyone in the community. They provide professional and knowledgeable staff, and offer cheap, family-friendly range time. Since the shop sold in 2015, there have been many upgrades that have made this shop unique and one that is pleasurable for anyone in the community.

Learn more by visiting Bear Creek Archery’s website.

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