HAWK™ Partners With Murski Breeding Sales

2240951.pngFrankenmuth, MI— November 16, 2015 — HAWK®, industry leader in innovative, hunter driven treestand designs and accessories is proud to announce their new partnership with Murski Breeding sales of Dallas, Texas. Effective immediately, Murski Breeding will be representing Hawk brand within five distinct geographic regions covering 37 states throughout the country.

With the popularity of their treestands and accessories that have re-defined the ultra competitive outdoor industry, HAWK President Scott Lee is thrilled to have Murski Breeding in his corner. “We are excited to be partnered with Murski Breeding Sales, their team is first-class, proven and well respected in the industry. As HAWK Continues to grow as one of the more intriguing and premium brands in our space, there is no doubt MBS will help maximize distribution for our stream of new and innovative products, and most important, provide customers with industry leading service. This is an exciting time to HUNT FROM ABOVE!”

With many years of sporting goods sales experience, Murski Breeding is one of the largest and most successful sales teams in the outdoor industry. The veteran sales team has a magnitute of formal education, sales and marketing experience . Matt Breeding of MBS had this to say about the new opportunity, “The Murski Breeding Sales team is very excited to partner with HAWK moving into 2016 and beyond. HAWK’s innovative products and cutting edge technology combined with over 45 years of MBS sales experience and relationships is a recipe for success.”

To learn more about HAWK® treestands and accessories, please visit them online. To learn more about Murski Breeding Sales, please visit their website.

About HAWK™ Hunting:

HAWK® is a hunter driven company committed to ruggedly-designed outdoor gear. Never satisfied and refusing to settle, our passion is bringing superior design, quality and performance to products that all hunters can enjoy. Like refining a strategy in the woods, it’s all about evolving. HUNT STRONGER. SAFER. SMARTER. HUNT FROM ABOVE.™ – HAWK® is a privately held company based in Frankenmuth, MI. For more information about HAWK™ Hunting please call 810-626-3026 or visit Hawk’s website.

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