Bowfishing Gear: What’s Hot

Bowfishing Gear

Bowfishing continues to grow in popularity. Industry leaders have taken notice, matching the enthusiasm of this new trend with cutting-edge gear. Here’s a rundown of the bowfishing supplies that are making waves.

Alpine Archery Mako 

Alpine Archery Mako - Bowfishing Gear

The Alpine Mako is fitted with a CNC machined riser, stylish machined aluminum limb pocket, and CNC machined Radial Force cam. The cam has 7 inches of draw length adjustment to fit almost any age of bowfisherman. Total mass weight of the Mako is right at 3 pounds, keeping the set-up lightweight for a full day of arrow flinging.

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AMS E-Rad Tournament Series Bow Kit

AMS E-Rad - Bowfishing Gear

AMS partnered with Quest Archery to design the all new Eradicator E-Rad bow. The draw weight ranges from 30-60 pounds. Newly designed Phaze cams deliver a silky smooth draw cycle that any shooter will appreciate. This bow features a machined aluminum riser that is lightweight and stiff enough to meet demands for higher performance.

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Arrow Precision Frenzy Bowfishing Set

Arrow Precision Frenzy - Bowfishing Gear

Arrow Precision’s new Frenzy Bowfishing features an ultra-smooth and constant draw weight to suit everyone on the trip without the need for pesky adjustments.

The constant draw weight of the twin F4 Wheel system allows for quick release snap-shots when there isn’t time for a full draw shot.

The Frenzy’s non-slip texture grip riser will also accept many standard archery accessories for backyard shooting fun or to introduce young shooters to archery shooting without having to have multiple set-ups for all the different draw lengths in the family.


  • Draw Weight: 40lbs
  • Draw Length: Extends to 31”
  • Brace Height: 6-1/2″
  • Length: 36″ Axle to Axle
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs
  • Compact / Lightweight
  • Textured Non-Slip Grip
  • Carbon Fiber Dipped Limbs
  • CNC Machined Wheels
  • Includes Roller Rest
  • 30 Yards 80lb Line
  • Fiberglass Bowfishing Arrow with Barbed tip

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Barnett VORTEX H2O

Barnett VORTEX H2O - Bowfishing Gear

Versatile and well equipped, Barnett’s Vortex Compound Bows are designed to adjust with the advancing skills of developing archers.


  • Right Handed Bow
  • Package serves as a carrying case constructed to ATA/AMO standards
  • Draw Weight 31 – 45 lb. Compound Bow-Fishing Bow
  • Draw Length 26.625″ – 28″
  • Let Off 60-70%

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C.P. Oneida Osprey 

C.P. Oneida - Bowfishing Gear

The Osprey was designed to offer the smooth draw of a recurve needed for snapshots, with the power of a compound for those big fish. Oneida Eagle bows are built 100% in the United States.


Module F

  • Draw Length: 25.5″ – 27.5″
  • Let Off:  80%
  • Brace Height: 6-1/8″ – 6-3/8″
  • String: 43″

Module 15

  • Draw Length: 26″ – 27″
  • Let Off: 65%
  • Brace Height: 6-1/8″ – 6-3/8″
  • String: 43″

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Cajun Sucker Punch

Cajun Sucker Punch - Bowfishing Gear

The Cajun Sucker Punch bow is designed to meet the demands of serious bow fishermen. The bow’s 35.25″ axle-to-axle length allows for comfortable shooting all day or all night without finger pinch. The Sucker Punch weighs 3.2 pounds for easy all-day use. The deep cam grooves prevent derailment when this bow gets tossed around the bottom of the bowfishing boat. The Sucker Punch comes in both right and left hand modules and features the option of a constant draw cam or draw length specific modules included.


  • Fishing Biscuit Arrow Rest
  • Cajun Hybrid Bowfishing Reel
  • Cajun Blister Buster Finger Pads
  • 2 White Fiberglass Piranha Arrows
  • Deep cam grooves prevent derailed strings

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Darton Archery AquaForce

Darton Archery AquaForce - Bowfishing Gear

This bow reaches its peak weight (adjustable 40# – 55#) early without strain and then lets down to a comfortable weight (20# – 27#) so an archer can complete the draw cycle (23”- 29-½”) with minimum effort. The string can be comfortably released anytime during the draw cycle with deadly results. With molded cams, self-lubricating bearing and stainless steel axles it’s very resistant to the wear and tear of the sport. The Aquaforce has all the standard mounting holes so all bow fishing accessories easily bolt on.

AquaForce Package:

  • AMS Wave Rest
  • AMS Bow Fishing Arrows
  • AMS Safety Slide System


  • Axle-to-Axle: 31 1/2″
  • Brace Height: 7 7/8″
  • Mass Weight: 3.1 lbs.
  • Draw Lengths: 23″- 29.5″
  • Draw Weights: 45-55
  • Let-off: 40%

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Fin-Finder Poseidon Pro Package

Fin-Finder Poseidon Pro Package - Bowfishing Gear

The Poseidon compound bow was tailored to suit the rough and rugged nature of bowfishing.

Poseidon Compound Bow Features:

  • 31″ Axle-to-Axle
  • 25-40 lbs. Draw weight range
  • 20-31″ Draw length range
  • Parallel Limb Technology
  • Corrosion resistant, stainless steel hardware
  • Right hand only.

Package Includes:

  • Hydro-Glide Pro bowfishing arrow rest
  • Raider Pro arrow w/ Riptide Point
  • AMS Retriever Pro
  • Hydro-Shot Finger Savers

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G&H Outdoors Impala Bowfishing Kit

G&H Impala - Bowfishing Gear

The Impala Bowfishing Kit package comes with an Impala right handed 60″ 45# recurve bow, paired with an AMS Bowfishing package consisting of a Retriever Pro 200#, String Things Finger Tab, Tidal Wave Rest, White Fiberglass Chaos 34″ Arrow with Safety Slide and an Operation & Instruction Manual for proper installation and usage. Left handed kits along with other limb weights are available upon request.

LENGTH      60”

WEIGHTS    from 25 to 60# increments 5 lbs

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Muzzy Mantis Bowfishing Rest

Muzzy Mantis - Bowfishing Gear

Muzzy recently announced the introduction of the highly adjustable Mantis arrow rest. The Mantis was designed with a heavy-duty aluminum alloy mounting bracket and rest frame with a vibrant green Delrin arrow-capture gate and arrow launch pad that ensures a smooth launch of the arrow while preventing wear on the rest.

The center-grooved launch pad on the Mantis holds the arrow in position and guides it on release for smooth, consistent and accurate arrow flight. The new Muzzy Bowfishing rest is compatible with any bow and arrow set up, and it offers exceptional left-to-right adjustability as well as elevation adjustment. It also offers a full-capture design with a trap door arm that is spring loaded to close after the arrow is loaded, keeping the arrow secure no matter how you hold or move the bow.

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Pine Ridge Archery Finger Savers

Pine Ridge - Bowfishing Gear

Finger Savers are made of a strong yet soft material that allows the shooter to shoot a bow without using a finger tab or release. Finger Savers save time and create consistency for children and new archers. These qualities also make them perfect for bowfishing. Finger Savers allows shooters to take faster and more accurate shots, ultimately putting more fish in the boat.

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TRUGLO Spring Shot Bowfishing kit

Includes two SPEED•SHOT bowfishing arrows and SPRING•SHOT bowfishing arrow rest


SPEED•SHOT Bowfishing arrows:

Premium grade, hardened stainless steel tip

250 grain point with pivoting barb for quick fish removal and improved penetration

Premium fiberglass high-visibility florescent colored shaft

Ultra-slim nock diameter improves accuracy

Most arrow slides can be easily installed over the nock


SPEED•SHOT Bowfishing rest:

Fast and easy arrow loading

Revolutionary ultra-durable stainless steel spring-coil provides full arrow containment

Full windage / elevation adjustment

For left and right-handed bows


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